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Influences:   Jump Little Children, Radiohead, Brendan James, Michael BublĂ©, Zoo Story, Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, Our Lady Peace, Travis, Rufus Wainwright, John Mayer, Collective Soul (Dosage), Beck ("Lost Cause"), Coldplay, Matchbox Twenty, Nine Days (The Madding Crowd), Vertical Horizon (Everything You Want), Queen, Sufjan Stevens, Contemporary Christian Worship. Anything beautiful or with a great groove (and tasteful). I'm open to all genres...except maybe metal and hard rap. I'm all for a good rap track with a sung chorus, a song with a rapped bridge, or a pop song with a guitar solo'd bridge. :)

FAWM #3 this year (2019)!

Thankful for two successful FAWMs under my belt, with 7 songs the first year, and 14 the second, including setting music to 4 sets of lyrics (a first for me).

Looking forward to another productive session, with a mind to increase collaboration. Looking to keeping a more balanced lifestyle during FAWM, and extending the productivity (even if less) throughout the year. Life tends to come back with a vengeance when I attempt the goal of 14 songs. I love that FAWM requires that one push a single song through to completion, pushing aside self-doubt and the preciousness that might lead one to cop-out and move on to another song seed. I'm getting better, but I think I still need FAWM to guide me through the process.

-------My Skills/Process/Equipment-------

Instruments: Voice, piano, acoustic guitar, alto sax, ukulele, bass (a bit), cajon. I also play a number of other instruments through teaching (trumpet, flute). Decent tone, but not a lot of facility.

I work in Logic Pro X on my desktop rig with a 61-key MIDI controller and a Rode NT-1A mounted in an sE RFX portable vocal booth.


Shoutout to @joshlevitre for this idea [:)]
Myers-Briggs Personality Profile: INFP

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