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60190 US   Jan 2018


Artist Bio

Influences:   The Good Life, Fourth of July, Brand New, The Swell Season, Damien Rice, David Bazan, Bill Mallonee, Bright Eyes, Ben Gibbard (particularly Postal Service)...

2020: Started writing in a notebook while I did not have access to a phone or computer. All this started with a song I meant for last year.

2019: Details are vague.
2018: Milwaukee recordings. 12 songs plus three collaborations. Mission Accomplished.
(More or less mastered versions;



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  • @jamkar  Feb 4

    Interesting, but no I did not have thoughts of Nabakov. But thank you! And feel free to start a collab. On my “invitation”.

  • @nationalcat Feb 4

    Would not mind if you want to use the lyrics, the audio is now and actual thing. Would love to hear an interpretation from a competent instrumentalist. Listened to fall risk and enjoyed its lonesome lyrics.

  • @andcarl  Feb 4

    My theme as 2/3/2020 is NSFW. I'll blank out the lyrics for & giggles though.