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  Jan 2014

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Influences:   Indie rock music from the 90s onwards

How time flies. Suddenly it’s 2019, I’ve passed 40 years and I am taking part in my 6th FAWM. Can you believe that?

Happy to be a part of this community, see all of you again, and get to know new people.
So, for those who come across my page for the first time: I am a guitar and bass player residing in Berlin, Germany. Currently I play in three bands which is crazy enough even without the attempt to record solo songs. If you want to check them out, here they are (and leave some Facebook likes while you’re at it):

Kalteis: and
David Judson Clemmons Band: and

Nevertheless I am inspired to the brim. My plan for this year is to embrace the 90s kid that I am and make energetic songs with noisy guitars. My favorite discovery of last year is a band called Ovlov and I also loved the latest Cloud Nothings album. And lots more that you can listen to in this playlist:

Last year I bought a Jazzmaster guitar and now am trying to get used to a completely new guitar sound, so that’s another reason I am trying to make that one my main instrument.

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  • @unkept  1 day

    Looking forward to your work this year! 😀

  • @acousticmaddie  1 day

    Hi nice to see ya.Yeah happy FAWM

  • @roadreg 1 day

    I'd definitely be open for a collab in that vein! I'll have to see what time I'll have available once February comes around!

  • @sph  2 days

    Na dann, lass die Jazzmaster klingen! Viel Spaß dieses Jahr!

  • @roadreg 2 days

    Dropping in to say it's cool to see another Ovlov fan here! You'd probably also like Stove then - they're one of Ovlov's break-off bands. My friend got to open for 'em last year and they're really good. Have a good FAWM!