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55126 US   Jan 2015

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Influences:   Sleigh Bells, The Regrettes, Skating Polly, The CRTs, Lonely Enclave, Weezer, Garbage, Joy Division, Franz Ferdinand, The Cars, The Cure, Violent Femmes, Lana Del Rey, Cherry Glazerr, Girli, Billie Eilish, The White Stripes

Like my page? I like your taste.

Real-life friend of The CRTs-- there's my credentials. (Haven't heard of them? Yeah, neither have I.)

-amelie;;; 4th year


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  • @degausser  Feb 27

    Thankyou for your comment(s), I promise I'll get round to listening to yours as I like what I've heard so far.

    Yes, that was even the first time I played the whole song through (I always record guitar and vox at the same time). It's a bad habit though. The songs would be better if I practiced before recording.

    And haha, I hate that saying so much. It's total nonsense isn't it?

  • @powerstars Feb 19

    But those blonde boys are my REAL friends. 😞

  • @benjo  Feb 2019

    Hey Amelea

    thank you so much for your kind feedback on my lyric

    you wont shut me out

    have fun

  • @faststrings Feb 2019

    Hey Amelea , thanks for the comment on my song I appreciate it.

  • @powerstars Feb 2019


  • @travman Feb 2019

    Sup buddy

  • @fluidvolt Jan 2019

    hi!! can't wait to hear some more tunes from you! happy fawming

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @willguitar100 Jan 2019

    Who's The CRTs?

  • @willguitar100 Jan 2019