Anne Louise Genest 10


V9P 1B6 CA   Jan 2008  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Hazel Dickens, Ola Belle Reed, Carter Family, Gillian Welch, Grateful Dead, Roger Miller, death and destruction, life and renewal.

Happy to be back once again for FAWM! I have some fairly heavy commitments this month - happily all musical - so I almost didn't sign up for this year, but then I realized - what's the worst that can happen? I write a song. So here we go.

As always my focus is writing - I have minimal recording skills and just do one-take "field recordings" on my phone. Looking forward to hearing what folks get up to!
Pronouns: she/her


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  • @quork  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening to the lo fi corpse. A little random and shambolic, but lots of fun moments, and great fun to participate in. Iโ€™d highly recommend it for next year.

  • @kimbeggs  Feb 28

    you go girl! xo

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 27

    Thank you, once again! I am so glad you clued me into FAWM. It's been such a treat to devote so much time to songwriting this month. If I could only do this every month. Someday! I had forgotten what a joy it is to have a song just flow through you, if only one or two. It's a real gift when that happens, and I'm grateful. One thing I did learn is that writing comes much easier to me in the morning. I had no idea. I hope you've been having a good time with FAWM too!

  • @babs77  Feb 25

    SO COOL!

  • @quork  Feb 23

    Thank you! I so appreciate your listens and comments. That was a fun one. The verses need some work, but I love the chorus, and yes, went a little overboard with the production. ๐Ÿ˜€ Frickin' monkeys.

  • @babs77  Feb 23

    It IS the sarangi! It's a bowed thing with a big resonator box so it has built-in reverb and sounds like a wild animal. Sometimes the electronics do that too - we've got two howlers in the group.
    I challenge you this week, to post an improvisation of your own. It is so fun, I swear, it's the most liberating musical thing, once I started wrapping my head around being very present and committing to the moment. It's harder solo because there's nothing to respond to but your inner voices (and the air and the light and the view and whatever) but I try to think of making a complete musical composition, start, middle, end - that Old Banjo Back doesn't totally succeed at that; a lot of them are more searching, but that's okay too!

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 23

    Thanks Anne Louise! It's been a busy month with other distractions, but I have so much I want to write over the next couple of days while I hopefully have some time. All these songs that had a line here or there in my notebook and never went anywhere. I'm learning that first thing in the morning is the best time for writing. Whodathunk? I've always been such a night owl.

  • @misterd Feb 20

    Thanks so much for your kind words Anne Louise . I think you are doing great . Its the quality not the quantity - and 14 songs is a lot really to achieve especially when so much is going on these days -the quality of your musicianship and songwriting is always excellent . take care

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 19

    Good point on Mother Mary. It is a bit long too, so cutting back a bit on the earlier verses would definitely help!

  • @nateger Feb 17

    Your comment is so kind! I appreciate your words ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 14

    You are so right! I shall perk it up a bit. And thereโ€™s a guy whoโ€™s going to collaborate on it, so it will be fun to see what he comes up with!

  • @quork  Feb 13

    Anne Louise, thank you for listening and your great comments. Hope youโ€™re well.

  • @misterd Feb 11

    Thanks Anne Louise for listening to one of my songs and your insightful impressions . Thankyou kindly ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘‹

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 7

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • @shelleroo1  Feb 2

    Hi Anne Louise! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this month! And me too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @babs77  Feb 2

    ALG! You are fawming toooooooo! GOOD. I am going to play improvised guitar bits and maybe put some words down or not, but it's nice to be here for it.

  • @kimbeggs  Feb 1

    so stoked for this month and about being inspired you and so many old and new friends. yah alg!

  • @natalieedelson  Jan 31

    Alo ALG.
    I am here.
    Are you here ???

  • @quork  Jan 18

    Happy FAWMing, Anne Louise!