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Co Galway IE   Jan 2013  

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Influences:   Led Zepp, Santana, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Leonard Coen, Neil Young, Adele, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Elvis & all rock & roll, 1960s music in general, BB King & all blues, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Irish Trad, Gary Allen, Black Keys etc - and much more, very varied

(2019 message - I am late starting FAWM this year as my Dad passed away at the end of December and I have been in England arranging his funeral and clearing his house. I am only just back home in Ireland with a little time to do FAWM. So I have 14 songs in 4 days... hmmm)
March 1 2019 UPDATE: well I wrote 11 lyrics in 3 days. Was sick on day 4, the last day of FAWM. Of those 11, 8 so far have collabs. I addded 3 placeholders for when I get my ass in gear lol

Hello, I'm Amanda and I write lyrics, compose a bit and shoot arrows.
I'm lucky enough to be at it full-time. I love to write and to create. I write songs mainly for film & tv use, although I also have lyrics on artist's albums too. Sometimes I write melody, if I have a strong idea in my head, but I have no way of playing it well as yet. I end up writing it on sheet music !

So naturally I also love collaborating with like minded composers and musicians. For me, co-writing with someone you are in tune with, is the icing on the chocolate fudge cake.

I'm also a long time member of GYAWS, Get Your Ass Writing Songs. It's a facebook based private group of folks who support each other to write weekly or so 😀 the themes are chosen by democratic poll 😀 If you are interested in joining, please just ask me anything and I'll help you on your way 😀

I try to thank folks who leave comments on my songs, by listening to their songs and leaving a comment in return, rather than leaving a ty on their soundboard 😀

2019 Collab Commitments:

(let me know if you want to be added to this list of folks who would like lyrics written especially for them <3)

All lyrics here on FAWM are first drafts - I often edit endlessly.

I play the bodhran (Irish drum), and I also play the whistle and recorder a bit (haven't played them much in years). I play basic keyboard, am now learning to play guitar, and have a full drum set - not sure how long it's going to take !

I live on the west coast of Ireland, was born in Somerset, England, love cats, chickens and donkeys 😉

2019 update
Until around the middle of February I am living in Somerset clearing out my Dad's house 😞 After that I will be back in Ireland.


Technical bit 😞
The next bit sounds harsher than it is - it's mainly just to ensure that we discuss the collaboration before we start, and that we are on the same playing field.

Please ask me first if you would like to use my lyrics, just in case someone else has already asked and has started working with them.

If you wish to collaborate with a view to the finished song being used outside of FAWM, please check with me before we start 😀 I often have co-writers outside of FAWM, and may wish to use my FAWM lyrics with them. However, I am still happy for FAWM only collabs to also use them 😀

If you wish to change my lyrics, please check with me first to ensure I'm happy with the changes. I am usually open to discussion, as that is how collaboration works !

If you wish to use our co-write (any song that uses my lyrics) off FAWM, then we will need a 'co-writer's agreement' signed by both of us.

The above isn't meant to sound difficult, it's just a matter of sorting what we are doing before we start - communication !

Please note: For FAWM, all work belongs separately to its originator, author, creator, unless otherwise agreed between the co-writers.

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