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  Jan 2017

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Influences:   Whatever sounds good to me somehow influences me one way or another, so this depends on the song I'm writing. I really would love to write some rock (think Anti-Flag, Avenged Sevenfold, Billy Talent), but I have an acoustic for my guitar class... so I'll have to wait. I'll probably just post lyrics-only rock songs, and I;ll say if they're open for collab.

FAWM 2018 // FAWM #2

I'm back for a second FAWM, and equipped with pen, paper, and guitar this time around! First of all, thank you everyone for your encouragement & support last FAWM, and encouragement in my singing. I'll definitely sing more this FAWM, and instead of experimental violin, it'll be to some experimental guitar 😁. Still working on transitions, so bear with me.

I do this for fun, not a living. Still, critique or compliments are welcome, as long as they're in the FAWM spirit! If anyone has any advice for a beginning guitarist, that's welcome as well.

I don't have a particular genre in mind going into my songs, especially for skirmishes, but someday I hope to get my hands on an electric guitar and write a proper rock song.

I might end up reposting a few songs from last FAWM after I finish my 14, just because I'd love to collab with some of you on them.

[Info about collabs]

If you'd like to, shoot me a soundboard message. Let me know how you define a collab, and how you think ownership should go. If anything, let me know if anything we make will be released outside of FAWM, beforehand - just so I know 😀

Edit 11/25/18:

My apologies for the collabs I left hanging. Schoolwork did end up in the way. I'm definitely not taking AP Calc again! I'll be back this year, with singing and guitar. Just not in the same take... I'm not quite that skilled yet.

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