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Influences:   Joni Mitchell and Migos

2019; aka FAWM #09.

Whew, this has come round quick. Not a hugely musical year for me. As per last year, we did two big Sheffield Beatles Project gigs last year, playing the White Album in full. It was ace fun, with an unbelievable reaction. There were four vocalists, and somehow I managed to bag While my guitar, Helter Skelter, and Sexy Sadie 😀

PILOSA sadly split last year meaning I don't have to see @shortdan as often, PHEW!

Last year I talked up Algorave, aka live coding.. well, I never actually pursued with this. I thought I would maybe try again this year, but instead, my partner @judypie went and bought me a bloomin' DIGITAL PIANO didn't she!!! So priorities have changed. I'm now taking weekly lessons (as of mid-January). Very exciting. Far too early for it to be used much this year though.

No idea what direction I'll go in this year, but if you want to listen to my past work, it's all up on Bandcamp:

As always, give me a shout if you're up for a collaboration but can't make promises with time and all that.

A massive thank you to anyone in advance, for listening and/or commenting on music, it means so much to me that people would actually do that. I'm very happy for any constructive criticism. I try to listen to everyone's songs who comment rather than directly saying thank you (as I lose track otherwise).

9/2 - feel like I've had a slow start this year, despite being ahead of the whole song-per-2-days thing. Strange. Thank you so much for the klnd comments so far, I'm way behind on listening but I'll get you all soon I promise.

27/2 - I DID IT! 14 songs, boo-ya! Thanks so very very much for listening and all your comments, and especially to my collaborators. Here's some excellent collab stats for you:

6 collabs
3 in Australia, 1 in France, 1 in USA, 1 in UK
2 named Mike, 2 named Sue, and errr, two beginning with J. ..that's it.

I've really enjoyed this year, but then I always do. So glad to finish a day early so I can go to a gig tomorrow. I'll be catching up on commenting over March, so I hope y'all stick around x


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  • @pumpkinhead  2 weeks

    Thanks a million for your comment. From someone who has Joni as an influence I was especially happy that you liked Ett flak av dig.

  • @santadharma 2 weeks

    Your stuff has been so good this year. Thanks so much for your comments.

  • @amelea 2 weeks

    Oh, wow! Thanks for that raving review on I Spent $900 On A Couch For My Sims, that means a lot coming from you. Glad I didn't disappoint in comparison to that title I came up with 😉. I've been jamming to Our Love Is A Riot a lot lately, and really want to check out more of these in more depth.

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    Man am I behind here! I'm gonna catch up after this weekend. Thank you though! That song's main drums have the clicks on the snare. There are separate bass guitars in each each ear and I don't going to have to two sets but ended up only adding more clicks on the toms and some cymbals. It meshed well though. Thanks again for checking it out

  • @sci 3 weeks

    "I need to listen a few times to get my head around the new vocal rhythm," <-- at least I kept it in 4/4. I actually had the impulse to knock off a few 8th notes here and there, but resisted. you're welcome 😉
    (glad you like the result!!)

  • @sapient  3 weeks

    Ha ha, I didn't want to burn all my riff ideas in the fire of that contest.. I had to save *some* for actual songs 😉

  • @sailingmagpie  3 weeks

    No worries, sir. I'm also behind on the commenting, so I've been trying to go through my watch list today to catch up. I was very happy to get to 18. A personal best!

  • @teapot 3 weeks

    Wow, you managed to do 15 songs! Congrats Ad. I hope you had a magical Fawm.
    I'm ever so sorry I haven't commented on your songs this year- I will do this as soon as I can. I'm not sure if Paul will have explained but I have very poorly eyes at the mo so I really struggle to look at screens. I'm so lucky that Paul & Cable have been around to help.

    My comments shall appear very soon *thumbs up*

  • @lanasolyluna 3 weeks

    Thanks for the “losing my edge” comment. I love that song and I suppose I had that kind of song in my mind when I “wrote” (threw it together at the last minute) it. Quite different from my normal jam and felt a bit petty but also fucking cathartic TBH. Congratulations on winning FAWM. You had some amazing tracks I want t to listen to again.

  • @iwilleatyou 3 weeks

    I'm looking at Heath and Jack Nance side by side. If they did an Eraserhead remake and Heath were still alive, he could have definitely been good for the part. If I saw someone wearing an Eraserhead t shirt I'd run the other way screaming FREAK! FREEEEEEAK!!!! That movie is creepy.

  • @unpronounceable 3 weeks

    Nicely done, sir! You’re an inspiration to us all! 😀

  • @mikedebenham  3 weeks

    Congrats, Ad! Butterfly Boys? Ha ha ha + oh no you're right.

  • @judypie  3 weeks


  • @judypie  3 weeks

    Wou won!! 😁😁 You are my Fawm hero. Are you FIIIINALLY gonna make some tea now?

  • @sci 3 weeks

    oh yeah that's plenty fine! looks like it'll be my fourth and final song for FAWM.

  • @teapot 3 weeks

    Hi Ad, thanks so much for your kind comments so far 😀 I genuinely appreciate it as I really look up to you musically to be honest!

  • @jwhanberry  3 weeks

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    Ahem.... "inventive" solos are the only kind of solo I can manage - hide it under a boatload of effect, lolol. Every time I write a song that needs a solo, there's lots of swearing at myself. Thanks for listening.

  • @mikedebenham  3 weeks

    Look, I know what you're thinking, Ad. 'I want to mutilate a gentle celtic harp song. Everyone knows that's my jam. Why hasn't anyone sent me a goddamn gentle celtic harp song to goddamn mutilate? What the hell is wrong with you people?' Relax, mate. It'll be okay. Check your email.

  • @sci 4 weeks

    hey I thought I'd badger you for the stems for "OUR LOVE IS A RIOT!", since I should have some spare time next week to actually write some FAWM material.

  • @iwilleatyou 4 weeks

    Ok fine!!!! I'll tell you!! Might as well since everybody won't stop bothering me on who the vocalist is.
    Her name is.....[[** We are sorry. Internet connection is temporarily out of service at this time. Please try again later**]]

  • @mikedebenham  4 weeks

    Did we talk about a collab last year? Probably a bit late now, but if you've got something lying around that I could ruin, give me a shout. Sorry, been a bit of a shambles this FAWM.

  • @shortdan  4 weeks

    It wasn't free though! It's one of the pricier iOS music apps (by which I mean it's still an absolute bargain at £4.99).

  • @shortdan  4 weeks

    I know... that fact wasn't lost on me! 🙈

  • @hanley  4 weeks

    So we gonna collab this year? What’s the plan?
    I can send something your way if that’s preferable. Any vibes in particular?

  • @hanley  4 weeks

    Juno what? No Juno in my artillery unfortunately😢 that was slide guitar, thrown through a shitload of delay and my big sky reverb🤤

  • @saltbearer 4 weeks

    Only need to wrap your head around a piece at a time and then move on, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. That's a problem for your cpu to deal with later.

  • @karlsburg25  4 weeks

    Cheers matey and the motivation is ....... er not many other options !! Ha ha

  • @hoboghost 4 weeks

    I learned the bass sound from Julien Earle. Amazing tutorials on youtube, especially if you like Burial sounds.

  • @oddbod  4 weeks

    Actually I'm with you on the classical guitar - I think it's a bit too twee. Too much like Craig Ogden. He's a sort of Kenny G equivalent of the classical guitar world. Cheesy stuff for the mass market - soporific muzak. Hopefully @jbp123 will come up with something to replace it with.

  • @candle  4 weeks

    Thank you for that great comment on Nimbostratus! @caterwauler did an awesome job mixing this one. I just gave her a piano loop & some epic guitar chords. She made the magic happen.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @shortdan  4 weeks

    *frantically checks FAWM 2018 lyrics* Nope, no song about them last year! In fact the only other song about them that's springing to mind is that one I did for 50/90 a while back where I used the church bells in Stockholm that I recorded while we were there (Little Hammer Blows).

  • @saltbearer 4 weeks

    I basically just put a sound in a cauldron and knock it around with various quantities of ranged randomization, reverb, noise, stereo delay, narrow resonance peaks, mixed fidelity, animal entrails, layered pitch shifting/bending, thick granulation, sample reorganization, friends' throats, AM/FM, layered band filters with peaks at the edges, and strange abstract concepts. Eventually, you can take what you've caught and build something that shines in the right areas. Easy to rack up bullseyes when you throw a ton of darts.

    The module pane here shows *most of* ReThBa's kick drum...

  • @fonte 4 weeks

    Thanks so much for the listen and comments it really means a lot coming from someone as talented as you! I need to get through your other tracks!

  • @iwilleatyou 4 weeks

    To answer your question on who is singing on Observation''''ll never guess. HAHA. If you do though, I'lll be impressed.

  • @jwhanberry  4 weeks

  • @balancelost  4 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the advice on Higuita. There's definitely something about the structure that doesn't hit just the right sweet spot every time so I was gonna come back to it after Feb. I also thought maybe a slightly more gradual intro would work, but y'know when you've been balls deep in a track for 5 hours straight and you lose the ability to make good decisions and just stop caring. Needed to step back and refresh my ears. Cheers for listening!
    Oh yeah, and yes I am well familiar with Futurecop. Annoyingly they didn't play in London when I was in the UK and now I keep getting alerts for their gigs on Songkick. I like em a fair bit but I've moved on to FM-84 and Com Truise for my synthwave needs now. They're a bit more slick and high-tech.

  • @jbp123 4 weeks

    Yeah I considered having the BVs drowing out the lead but I wanted to leave the listener wanting more. I said to Dan that i also wanted to build in a way which could smoothly transition back to two voices without being too jarring, but still a little surprising, if that makes any sense. It's supposed to represent the moment where my conscience reminds me not to judge people back for judging me, so it's sort of supposed to cut through the noise, but in a calming way.

  • @teapot 5 weeks

    Woah, 7 songs? You're doing pretty darn well. Loved your piano on Forever Feeling Lost- so beautiful!

  • @balancelost  5 weeks

    The accent is from the fictional land of Cocknesia. Our president is 'Diamond' Ray Winstone.

  • @leah0k  5 weeks

    You’re not the only one who thought it was silly at first haha - my son came downstairs as I was recording the “brrring” part and thought I was being so weird until he heard it all put together. 😆 Thanks for listening through and giving it a chance!

  • @lanasolyluna 5 weeks

    Thanks dude. I love Warpaint ❤️

  • @theidleowl  5 weeks

    Hahahaha oh god. Did I do that? No wonder I'm getting spots.

  • @sbs2018 5 weeks

    Thanks for the nice comments for “On the Brink.” Blondie is one of my favorites.

  • @tiller2  5 weeks

    Karlos is a phenom, ain't he. Thanks for checking out "When You're Sleeping."

  • @mdavisto  5 weeks

    Because I am a dispicable person, obviously. Did you not listen to the words? 🤣🤣

    Thanks for the feedback. Dunno how much I'm getting written this year, but, I hope to catch up on commenting soon.

  • @sueawesome  5 weeks

    ad.. I’m so sorry to not respond sooner (I’ve not been feeling well) I’ll get back to you soon though, sorry to make you wait

  • @lanasolyluna 5 weeks

    RE: this shit happening everywhere=totally. Especially the twitter aspect. People have convenient amnesia. Waiting patiently for your next track.

  • @jwhanberry  5 weeks

  • @sci 5 weeks

    "(I may have had a scoop around yr youtube channel)" oh no, lol.
    but I suppose it's true that I've been intro some weird theory stuff for a while!
    I edited the description to try and make my idea a bit more clear but it's still hard to describe without (and those pictures are hard to make.)

    as for the remix: yeah just the whole lot! I can drop you my email if you'd rather send it privately

  • @lanasolyluna 5 weeks

    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything with that pt-30 rhythm. It only has a few options on it so Inevitably I’ll play around with it again too 😃

  • @factorytale 5 weeks

    Thanks for the nice cimment <3

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    Thanks for all the listens! And yeah - SUCKS being blocked from most of the songs when I can actually listen. UGH!!!

  • @quintonbarnes  5 weeks

    Ariana Grande??? What a compliment!!! Thanks so much! 😁
    That record is just immaculately produced from top to bottom, what a kind thing to say

  • @oddbod  5 weeks

    I wondered if someone was going to mention the slippers! 😁

  • @judypie  5 weeks

    BETTER THAN A GONG AND SOME WOODEN FROG HEADS AD?! GTFO! Seriously, get your coat on, we’re going out now.

  • @jwhanberry  5 weeks

  • @mattblick  6 weeks

    Thanks for the comment Ad. That's why I wrote it - to stop me sounding dumb over the phone!

  • @zebraphone  6 weeks

    Thank you for aaaallllll your comments!

  • @zebraphone  6 weeks

    GO ON Peru, GET IN THERE!!!!!!! be a country

  • @hannibalhamster 6 weeks

    I'll also give your stuff a whirl tomorrow. I do intend to he reciprocal, sorry!

  • @hannibalhamster 6 weeks

    I'd say I've more been repressing my urge to work on it properly for 3 months! Must... wait... til... February...! I'm glad to report that I've approached everything from a fresh perspective though - picked my themes as I've gone along. Today's was either going to be about a car crash or a doomed romance (these are the two things that happened next in my notes) so I figured I'd combine the two and have Car Crash Romance

  • @saumera  6 weeks

    Hey thanks for the kind words man! Yep, all MIDI. I don't whip it out as often as I used to but I've got a pretty comprehensive orchestral library that can be coerced into sounding pretty darn close to the real thing.

    But no need to be intimidated! Let's make somethin' together! I'd love to have your voice on somethin. If you've got any song outlines or ideas I'd love to see them. I think starting with something of yours and working out some fun production ideas or crazy harmonizations or something would be fun, but I'm certainly open to any kind of collab.

  • @chasingandromeda  6 weeks

    Thanks for the listen. Actually, the low end is just whack. My first mix was too rumbly and then the one I posted was too thin, but I just decided to go with it because...well...FAWM.

  • @hannibalhamster 6 weeks

    Hey boo! I came up with my concept in October when I was trying to write songs for my 30th birthday one-man show and ended up watching hours of 90s telly on YouTube. Read (and made 15 pages of notes on) a Noel biography that ended in 2000 (with a 'future looks bright for Noel' harbinger) and watch loads of crap on YouTube.

    Anyway, glad you like it - The Ballad itself is gonna be a song for my new band, but I think I'm gonna rerecord everything for a proper solo album later this year.

  • @quintonbarnes  6 weeks

    What??? A tractor??? Hope you're alright, jeez! 😁

  • @mattblick  6 weeks

    Hey Ad - good to see you back here - that Beatles project sounds cool! I did one of my own last year look forward to hearing your tunes!

  • @fearlessflight2014  6 weeks

    Sorry for quality of that demo, yes it is hard left, it was the first time I had opened logic in a year and I don’t know why it came out that way. That’s skirmish demo making in my world- I’m not an engineer.

  • @jbp123 6 weeks

    Why you little...

  • @saumera  6 weeks

    I think when it comes to making the vocals brighter, I've had a fair amount of success just putting a high shelf EQ on them. I'm not sure what program you use, but most of them should have an EQ that lets you do this: take like everything above like 4k Hz and raise it up 3 dB to start. It'll add some "crispness" to things so you can hear your S sounds and things similar to that more clearly. If the microphone you used doesn't pick a lot of that up, then another way to go is to get a Harmonic Exciter which basically invents higher frequencies that aren't there and has a similar effect.

    There are some plug ins that are made for vocals specifically that handle compression, EQ, echo, etc, that make everything easier (I use this one all the time:

    There's definitely no shame in using some of these more specific plugins that are good at one specific thing, so I'd be happy to recommend stuff if you have questions!

  • @chasingandromeda  6 weeks

    To answer your question, the music came first and you comment made perfect sense. Yes, Ad. Yes, it did.

  • @jbp123 6 weeks

    Still waiting for number three. Hurry up

  • @theidleowl  6 weeks

    Hiiiiiii! Sorry I'm late

  • @syni 6 weeks

    Thank you! That animal noise is in fact just a field recording, of a chicken. Glad you liked it though, that means a lot!

  • @frenchcricket  6 weeks

    yea just one of the stock delays I think with some automation on the frequencies

  • @lanasolyluna 6 weeks

    Thanks for breaking the queue rules for us. Let’s see if we can make 14 this time.

  • @oddbod  6 weeks

    ha ha, very good - I left a comment

  • @jackdawfactories  6 weeks

    Oh, except the piano, which is Spitfire Labs again. I've got a theme this year it seems...

  • @jackdawfactories  6 weeks

    Forgot to say, no guitars on Sparrow - organ is NI Vintage, drums Spitfire Labs and literally everything else is Spitfire Earth!

  • @sciren  6 weeks

    Adam!!!! Cant wait to hear what you come up with this FAWM! ❤️

  • @solarrainuk  6 weeks

    Hey Adam, thanks for the recent comment on Biomes. Funny you should mention Annihilation OST, it crossed my mind while I was coming up with the bass for this track 😀

  • @judypie  6 weeks

    Heheheh you’ll see 😝

  • @saltbearer 6 weeks

    Thankous to obtain the comment! It is definitely those who won the talent show who put me up to it, officer, they are fine specimens for arrest and they went that way. HOWEVER, do not go hunting for signs of "samples", footage of the beast lurking in binary space was recently caught on camcorder:

  • @sw1n3flu  6 weeks

    Cheers for the comment mate - wishin' does seem to stick in the head a bit lol

  • @enigma4711  6 weeks

    Hi there! I'm happy that you liked the outcome! And thanks again for participating in my own little challenge. Btw, I accidentally hit "report abuse" on your comment. I don't hope it has any consequences! 😱

  • @chaplino 7 weeks

    Ah yes, thanks for the note on tagging - on it!! Hoping to spend some tie fawming this evening so will see what nonsense falls out of my head ;p OOOH you posted another. Listening now!

  • @piney  7 weeks

    Thanks! 😀

  • @richforperu 7 weeks

    Also hi

  • @karlsburg25  7 weeks

    Mate i can’t listen to your opening number yet . Guesss why ??? 😜. Anyway happy fawm and hoping you gonna make ull use of new piano . Could do with something Debussy like for the hammock 👍🎤🎶

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    Pitch shifted vocals? Wash your mouth out...that's Mrs Oddbod

  • @hanley  7 weeks

    I am here, but it could be a very slow start for me... we just finished moving house and I don’t even know where half my gear is! Let alone my brain and musical talent🤪

  • @websheldon  7 weeks


  • @meatcoup85  7 weeks

    aaaaaaaand GO!

  • @will87 7 weeks

    Hey Adam, can't wait to hear your FAWM offerings this year! I'd love to collab this time around. What do you think?

  • @heidiserwer  7 weeks

    Hiiii! Just updated my profile and saw your sweet hello. I hope to have at least a couple of songs this month to share and look forward to hearing your new tunes. Let the fun begin! (drop me a message on FB and I'll look into sending you a tee-shirt)

  • @fluidvolt 7 weeks

    heyyy ♫ excited to hear some new tunes from ya, as always!!! good luck!!

  • @saumera  7 weeks

    Hey man! Surprised you remember me/us! Yeah I love making music with my buddy (, but he can be so hard to get ahold of sometimes, so we ended up not getting together with any consistency you know how it goes. It's too bad, he's a mad genius, but I'll be around this year trying to get in quite a few more than 2 tracks.

    Let's make somethin together some time this FAWM!

  • @drivebylovefest 7 weeks

    ooo yassss can’t wait to head what you will be pouring into my ears this FAWM! Have a gooder.

  • @sph  7 weeks

    That "Guess the album" thread is too much fun. Have a nice FAWM

  • @susyblue  7 weeks

    Helloooo friend! See you on the d-floor