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Influences:   Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits

I live in Sweden and I play guitar, keyboard, ukulele, and learning bass guitar. I am mainly in the folklore genre and I do voice acting (If you need voice acting I'd love to do it specially if they are weird or (yeah again) dark environment or characters!). I work under acousticmaddie (so if we collab please use Acousticmaddie) ,

2017 was my first FAWM and although when I entered I thought I would be able to make 2-3 songs in total it(thanks to the lovely encouraging environment) ended up with 44. Of which I also used a few for further productions. This year I will be traveling 2 out of 4 weeks whereas I will not have so much time as usual since one of these weeks are hiking with one of my dogs in the mountains (With no internet😊 yes that is actually a fact )

Therefore my goal is to do 5-6 own songs (To finish up what I started during 50/90 with the story of Headless soldier bay and Amelia (I’ve released the single for one of them here >> ) to make it an album.

And also hopefully do some collabs here since that’s what I do like most with fawm.
If you want to collab remember during FAWM I only do Acoustics this year . But we can (if we agree ) turn it to a full productionw hen I am back from travels.

With that said I do love to collab, but PLEASE READ THIS FIRST:

1: prefer to be asked before someone grab my lyrics or music.

2: I Also ask you kindly to RESPECT THE ART- which means that I do NOT want my lyrics rewritten unless we agreed on that before the collab starts. (We might think different things are good but we are working with art and that’s very personal)

3: Want us to keep our separate rights, and understanding that I might use my lyrics/music further on in productions of my own.
TW: I focus on weird, dark stories so If you had a weird dream or just a dark tale. Please don't hesitate to scribble it down for me to put music to. The weirder the better but have in mind I can be pretty blunt in my telling with sound effects and words. These are dreams you guys gave to me during FAWM 2018. ->
What I do not do :
I do not do love stories and happy-feel-good-music. I just don’t like to do that becourse there are so many others that loves it and gives their heart into it. Again the weirder challenge you give me the better.

Feel free to msg me here or at FB, mail etcetera. I look forward to hear your music.

Songs (16)

#1 Burn the town down 23
2 weeks
#2 Schlaflosigkeit 16
2 weeks
#3 The only one living 10
1 week
#4 Unique (Not for prude ears) @cindyrella  11
1 week
#5 Smoke in his beard 11
1 week
#6 Whats up with the choir 8
1 week
#7 The Old County Jail @cindyrella  15
1 week
#8 Whats left of her 15
1 week
#9 Once I was loved (Bosse's song) 21
3 days
#10 she ate my soul 6
3 days
#11 Where the lights are gone 7
2 days
#12 No mans toy 5
2 days
#13 The dancer 8
2 days
#14 I am a pretty tough one 7
2 days
#15 Happy hideous pink day dear FAWM-ily 9
2 days
#16 Not that strong (Impro songwriting) 5
17 hours


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  • @larryw 3 hours

    Hi thanks for your lovely comment on my James Bond inspired song!! Who know what will happen with it 😉

  • @kc5 21 hours

    Thanks for checking out Black Curtains Drawn and for taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated. 😀

  • @kahlo2013  22 hours

    Thanks —- and yeah those winds could be anything 😊

  • @dragondreams  1 day

    I'm in touch with my feminine side... 😉

  • @dutch1967 1 day

    Hej Maddie, thanks for stopping by Rock’n’Roll Song! There’s at least one more of those brewing. Big choruses and loud guitars used to be my thing. Guess they still come pretty easy.

  • @audrey  1 day

    Thank you for your generous words on my song Earthrise. I'm so glad you liked it. It was the first piece I've done with that many instruments (7) and it was a lot of notes to juggle and get to jive nicely into chords. I've written 4-voice choral before with piano accompaniment, but that's only 5. Anyway, it took time and patience, but I'm happy with the result. It's short, but then I think scenes of awe probably don't last too long, thankfully. 😀

  • @larryw 1 day

    Hi, thanks for your kind comments on my songs, Still work to do!!

  • @dutch1967 1 day

    Hej Maddie, glad you like Friday Night. You're gonna like my new song too, I think.

    Yeah, Lullaby is kinda in the sugary tradition of Vday songs. I tried to make it sweeter than a toothache.

    Thanks for commenting on Never Been! This song was based on something that was born years ago. I finally could use the riff and the title. Sometimes you gotta step away from something to see what it is. That's this song.

  • @candle  1 day

    Thanks for your comment on Guitar Angst. I am glad you enjoyed the reverb!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @blackrose1313 1 day

    Thank you for the comment and opinion!

  • @wacha  1 day

    Thank you for the kind words on "The Soil Of Your Heart"! Once I got started on that one it came together easier than I expected.

  • @kc5 1 day

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on "It Hurts". I appreciate your thoughts.

  • @tiller2  1 day

    Thanks, Maddie, for your comment on “Black Ice.” I’m glad you saw it, because it has sex, fear, and death—just like one of your songs! ❤️ Happy anti-Valentines!

  • @cindyrella  1 day

    Thank you for your great comments!

  • @edwardsmusic 1 day

    My apologies if I came across as too abrupt in my prior message. I shall refrain from saying things like those in the future.
    Saying that, I also acknowledge that not every FAWMer comments on my songs when I comment on theirs (they may either simply leave a "thank-you" message on my soundboard, or leave nothing at all).
    Let's leave the brief disagreement behind, and concentrate on creating music (that's what FAWM is!)

  • @edwardsmusic 2 days

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my soundboard. Now would you like to comment on some of my songs?
    (I find that when other FAWMers comment on my songs, I reciprocate by leaving a comment on at least one of theirs)

  • @jorh 2 days

    Hey I’m really glad you liked the message in “beautiful generation” - I completely agree with your sentiments 😀

  • @jamkar  2 days

    Yes, music would be my choice. I will read through your lyrics Maddie, and see.what strikes me. Thanks!

  • @jwhanberry  2 days

  • @jwhanberry  2 days

  • @jwhanberry  2 days

  • @jamkar  2 days

    I can collab if your partner is gone. ( I wanted to anyway).

  • @ahasuerus 2 days

    Cheers maddie

  • @tiller2  2 days

    And thanks for your complement for Karlos’s awesome music to my lyric in When You’re Sleeping

  • @petemurphy  2 days

    Haha! The song isn't really about one person, but someone who I used to consider to be a friend DID steal one of my distortion pedals a few years back. I cut him out of my life after that.

  • @cts  3 days

    Thank you so much for coming by Maddie. I hope all is well and I'll be back on the scene to check you and the rest of my FAWM family out! *CTS tosses up the peace sign*

  • @karlsburg25  3 days

    Ha ha. Found a reverse button on my phone so revered me saying “watching over you “ at start and finish . Thanks again lovely 😊

  • @emplate 3 days

    Thanks for the comment on "Satan Knows No Safeword"! Yeah, I first came up with the title and then a story to it. I was quite pleased with it myself 😀

  • @mmmmarcus 3 days

    Tack för kommentaren på Fuck The Pain Away! Ofcourse it's not NSFW compared to some of your artsy stuff, but yeah for a pop song I felt it created some nice contrast to the pretty-polished 😁

  • @madeline 3 days

    Thanks for your kind comment, Maddie, on "Maybe, Maybe"! Yes, the music for it is upbeat and in a major key which further adds to the ambiguity. I just put the demo up.

  • @francessmith  3 days

    Hello Maddie, thanks for all your comments on my songs, I'll have a listen to a few more of yours while I'm here.

  • @cindyrella  3 days

    Thanks for all your nice comments!

  • @crisp1  3 days

    Thanks for all your recent comments, Maddie. I'm glad you're finding time for FAWM!

  • @kovbleu  3 days

    Thank you so much for the kind comments!! I really appreciate you listening. 😀

  • @spinhead 3 days

    Glad you liked "Everything." Thanks for saying so 😀

  • @lanasolyluna 3 days

    Thank you so much! Will be back to listen 😀

  • @moonraccoon  4 days

    Thanks for your comment on Into Creditor Five Redux 😀

  • @jorh 4 days

    Thanks for your lovely comments again on 'the winds are changing' - i need to catch up with my listening and hear the other great music you have produced 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  6 days

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my song "Tempting Time", I really appreciate it!!

  • @saulius 1 week

    I just want to say that I have become a big fan of your music. You have inspired me greatly. You are a born poet. That's a gift and a curse, because you experience the world through the spirit, and that can wound and cut the body and the mind.

  • @petemurphy  1 week

    Hiya Maddie, thanks for the comments. I will get to your songs, but at the moment I'm having to do most of my listening while on the move, and YouTube won't let me listen to stuff while my phone is in my back pocket. I will find some quiet time soon, and I'll get to listening/watching. Hope all is cool with you and the family (I'm including the doggies in that) <3

  • @karlsburg25  1 week

    Don’t worry Maddie, it’s proving quite a challenge when I whizzing about Asia . I did have an amusing incident recording vocals into my phone on a balcony I thought was empty then finished my not so perfect high pitched harmonies to find a couple clearly trying to be romantic 20 ft away and giving me rather harsh stares 🤣🤣

  • @karlsburg25  1 week

    Hey lovely , I thought something was amiss as you not been popping up on my feed and I thought I am missing your tunes . Anyway painful on the phone after 16 hour travel but so happy I found you and wow 8. I got some ear catching up to do x

  • @mikeb 1 week

    Thanks for the comments on my songs!

  • @cindyrella  1 week

    Thanks for all your support!

  • @dutch1967 1 week

    Aaawww, Maddie thank you so much for those kind word on The Breeze. Kinda dunno what to say...

  • @cynthiawolff  1 week

    Hiya...I won’t be able to commit to doing a valentines collab with you this year..
    I am currently having more recording technical difficulties than I know what to do with and probably won’t be recording at all...
    I am listening and commenting and doing the 4 track challenge but can’t seem to record at alll so far..
    Thanks for thinking of me...

  • @oblivionratula  1 week

    Thanks for your comment on "L’chaim!" Great to see you around again - though I've kept up with you over Twitter or Insta over the off-season. I can't believe how busy you stay. Amazing.

    Thanks again, and I'll see/hear you around!

  • @popmythology  1 week

    Oh my gosh, it's really funny you say that about the St. Margaret song because I was kinda wanting to make it a ghost story or fantasy story at first! Haha 😀

  • @ahasuerus 1 week

    Ditto on the kind comments maddie. And if you make anything crazy you know where to find my soundboard haha

  • @ahasuerus 1 week

    I am prude, but a curious prude haha. I loved it!

  • @jamkar  1 week

    Wow, thanks for the listen to my window dirge Maddie! 😀

  • @cindyrella  1 week

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments! You are so sweet.

  • @kahlo2013  1 week

    Maddie! For a dark songwriter you are so very sweet! Thanks for all of your comments!

  • @jorh 1 week

    Thank you for taking the time to read my lyrics and your kind words, its a great motivator 😀

  • @misterd 1 week

    Thanks Maddie , for listening to my song 'She was a true diamond ' . Im glad that the you saw the humour in it ! Its awesome to reconnect with you again on Fawm for another year ! I wish you well . Cheers

  • @ahasuerus 1 week

    You're welcome. I'm looking forward to all the stuff you come up with this month (hoping for something on an ukelele again 😁 )

  • @deonnek  2 weeks

    Hey @acousticmaddie, love your sound! Cheers to a productive FAWM.

  • @roddy  2 weeks

    Hi, looking forward to hearing your songs.

  • @dutch1967 2 weeks

    Thanks Maddie, glad you like my first entry New Year's Day. I don't have to tell you that emotion is key in any performance, a lot of people could learn from your commitment and drive. Happy travels and hopefully some more great songs from you.

  • @krayzie003  2 weeks

    Thanks for your comment. Good to see you back here. Happy FAWMING.

  • @cindyrella  2 weeks

    Thanks, Maddie. I am trying! I have a couple ideas for a little darkness, but, haven't gotten it much further yet.

  • @jorh 2 weeks

    Glad to see you back this year, love your voice and the great work you produced last year. Your a great, dark storyteller!

  • @cynthiawolff  2 weeks

    Yes...def wanna do our annual anti-valentine song..

  • @andrewjtaylor  2 weeks

    Will it be another year of epic productivity for you @acousticmaddie? Thanks for your kind words and encouragement through my process. It was instrumental (no pun intended). 😀

  • @cynthiawolff  2 weeks

    Some of my funniest memories are with you..
    Such great songs

  • @dutch1967 2 weeks

    Tjena Maddie, are you joining this year?

  • @odilongreen  2 weeks

    Hello! Are you doing this this year? I'm doing this this year! Let's feud again! Um, I mean, let's support each other in our musical endeavors again! 😉

  • @donna  2 weeks

    Good to see you, Maddie. 😀

    That hike in the mountains with one of your dogs sounds like a wonderful idea! No doubt you'll come back inspired and full of songs. 😉

  • @tiller2  3 weeks

    Welcome back, and have a great fawm!

  • @nuj4x 3 weeks

  • @unkept  3 weeks

    Hope you have a great FAWM this year. 😀

  • @karlsburg25  3 weeks

    Hey lovely lady. I shan't be taking part really this year as am in Thailand without much tech. But who knows. If i can figure out how to upload direct from iphone memos app i may dip in. Looking forward to listening though. big love to you and have a great FAWM x

  • @kovbleu  3 weeks

    HAPPY FAWM Maddie!!!!!! <3

  • @musicsongwriter 3 weeks

    Thank you so much Maddie. Likewise.

  • @jwhanberry  3 weeks

    Greetings dear friend. Happy to see you're here as well. Here's to a great FAWM!

  • @chipwithrow  3 weeks

    And Happy FAWM to you, too! I always look forward to hearing what you come up with - you're such a great performer and storyteller!

  • @lake  3 weeks

    and this is where the darkness lives...

  • @axl  3 weeks

    Hallo Maddie 😀

  • @coolparadiso  3 weeks

    Have a great Fawm. Hoping to get some in before i go away. Then ill be doing lyrics only, pick up any you fancy!

  • @kovbleu  4 weeks

    Hello!!!! Have an awesome FAWM!

  • @tamsnumber4  4 weeks

    Rock out this FAWM!!!

  • @vomvorton  4 weeks

    Happy almost-FAWM!

  • @metalfoot  4 weeks

    Hej Maddie! Happy FAWMing to you!

  • @jibbidy34  4 weeks


  • @billwhite51 4 weeks

    Hi Maddie. Looking forward to writing some songs with you in February

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    Wishing you a great FAWM even if you're only around half the time, Maddie! Enjoy your getaway!

  • @standup  4 weeks

    Well, when you planned to do 2-3 songs you ended up with 44. So I guess your 5-6 plan will yield 80-100 songs? We'll see. You've done a huge amount of song/work in the last few years, so taking a break and doing single digits is probably fine. I'll be listening for what you end up doing.

  • @chariotbaldwin  4 weeks

    Have fun in the Mountains with your pups. You might be surprised what comes up lyrically for you st the end of each day

    So while you may not have any internet ... don't you dare travel without a notebook and pen !!!

    Happy FAWM for 2019

  • @kahlo2013  4 weeks

    FAWM playtime soon!

  • @cts  4 weeks

    Hey Maddie! How are you? Cool that you're traveling but I hope you get some FAWM time in as well!

  • @johncrossman  4 weeks

    Cheers, Maddie!

  • @hummingbear 4 weeks

    Happy half-FAWM - jealous of your hiking/camping trip in the wilds beyond internet connections. Nature's connections are good too!

  • @ampersandman  4 weeks

    Good to see you back! Have a happy and prolific FAWM!

  • @dragondreams  4 weeks

    Hey, hey, hey! Are we ready for this?

  • @fearlessflight2014  4 weeks

    Really happy to see you back already. I admire your incredibly large and consistently excellent output!

  • @tcelliott  4 weeks

    Hey!!! It's good to be in Fawm.

  • @petemurphy  4 weeks

    Maddie! Amazing lady!

  • @writeandwrong  4 weeks

    Hey, there! Hoping you have a fantastic FAWM 2019! Looking forward to hearing your work!

  • @cindyrella  4 weeks

    Maddie! I hope we can write this year!