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13755 US   Feb 2017

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Influences:   Basically anything making sound now. But in high school it went Incubus to the Mars Volta to Tom Waits, and pretty much the floodgates opened.

4th FAWM, excited to be back!

Looking forward to some collabs and maybe a few originals.Gonna be traveling the second half of February, so not sure how much I'll get done overall, but hopefully get some good ones in. Looking forward to listening to all your new music!


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  • @unkept Feb 14

    It's your day today! The site is truly in your image. 😉

    If you're feeling like some collabs while you travel, feel free to email me what you've got for stuff. 😀 Always up for it!

    I may have some instrumentals if you want to give them a try too.

  • @leakyplusme2 Feb 12

    So much Pink here.

  • @chrishope Feb 11

    hey hey

  • @caterwauler  Feb 9

    Thank you so much for your kind feedback. 😀
    It's good to see you around and to hear something by you. I hope there will be more new songs.
    If you struggle for inspiration and want to come and vent on my Slack space, you are always welcome. I can resend an invite if needed. <3

  • @unkept Feb 9

    Thanks for going through all of my songs! Awesome that you thought of the end scene to Kill Bill with the water fountain, I was thinking about those movies recently. I'll need to re-watch them. 😀 Nice start on your FAWM songs! Funky stuff.

  • @judypie  Feb 9

    Thank you Pinky! You can find that candy on our merch stand 😁

  • @iwilleatyou  Feb 3

    Ok cool! Will be on the lookout.

  • @linzwolf Feb 3

    Hi Pinky! Thanks for the welcome 😀 I'm excited for converse with you; Joe's talked about you a lot. Happy FAWM! 😀

  • @unkept Feb 2

    Nice cat! 😀 Can't wait to hear your stuff!!!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 1

    Happy to see you back! I'm looking forward to your inimitable music. 😀

  • @iwilleatyou  Feb 1

    Noooooooooo! Shit dude I am booked atm. Have a few collabs to finish up which will take up probably until next week. You know what...i'll move as fast as I can so we can get something going. If you want to send me anything please do!

  • @leakyplusme2 Jan 31

    Looking forward to seeing what you got this year 2020 Pinky I love Tom Waits.

  • @zecoop  Jan 17

    Looking forward to hearing some Pinky-FAWM... 😉

  • @thelowestbitter  Jan 15

    Pinky! Looking forward to hearing your stuff this year, have a good FAWM!

  • @iwilleatyou  Jan 14

    Hi honey. Not you Pinky...talking to the bees.

  • @unkept Jan 13

    Hope you can make it again this year! Happy 2020