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Helsinki FI   Jan 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   All those songs where bass goes boom boody-boom and guitar plays boing! But my influences are more varied than that. I also like when piano goes dinky-dong and drums sound like whoosh. But then sometimes I just love it when they sing sha-lal-laa. So I have a really wide range of influences.

Hi everybody. My name is Klaus and my sunglasses are orange. I can't see through them at all. Somebody help me, please, I'm blind here.

Here's a song from 50/90 Challenge 2019, "Oh, Caroline":


Have a bonza Fawm 2021 everybody now please thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE Mon 1st of March. It was close but I Won. Now I'm very satisfied.

I'll be here all March listening and commenting and foruming. I usually don't but this has been a special year.


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  • @ferry0123 3 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on 'Handsome', Klaus!

  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    Thank you for the comments today as well! I hope you have a great spring/summer and perhaps I'll see you at 50/90, and if not, at FAWM next year!

  • @timfatchen  4 weeks

    Desperate last-minute "thank you" for comment on Covid Requiem before all goes into limbo!. I liked it too!

  • @oswlek 7 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on, "Just One", Klaus. You nailed the idea perfectly. I was imagining it as the same character further along in their recovery from the break up, but your description might be more apt. 😀

  • @audrey  Mar 4

    Thank you so much for all the kind words about my songs. I appreciate it. Have a great and safe year until next February. I hope to 'see' you again then. 😀

  • @edwardsmusic Mar 4

    Hi Klaus,
    I noticed you didn't get your rock hands this year! Oh well.

  • @gm7  Mar 3

    Thx for the kind comments on It's All Right and Old School Blues.
    As you can see i do love the bluesy / jazz style.
    Thx again.

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 2

    Yes matey i am a huge fan of Brian Wilson and was brought up on the beatles, and like you, i definitely find myself trying to emulate some of those delicious structures and movements but like you said, we can only but try. 😉

  • @audrey  Mar 2

    Thank you for your kind comments on a couple of my songs. I really appreciate it. Just listened to a few of yours which I thoroughly enjoyed. Hope to 'see' you again next FAWM. Have a great and safe year. 😀

  • @srcoops  Mar 1

    Thanks for your work on my lyrics. I think Winter Wonderland was a real highlight for the year.

  • @arinushka Mar 1

    Hi Klaus! Thank you for your comments for 'Bears' Nutrition Guide'. It's fun that you feel it like some idea for Disney cartoon. I like it!
    P.S. Nice to meet you! ...Looking forward to listening your songs!

  • @lvgd09  Mar 1

    Hi Klaus, I will be checking all of your songs out. I always like all of them. I think I'm going to try one more song before FAWM is over and so I'll be back.

  • @jike  Mar 1

    Be well and happy. Thank you for checking out my songs.


  • @kristi  Feb 28

    No worries, Klaus! You can always save it for another time if you'd like. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 28

    You can wait till March to sing O Canada! 😁

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 28

    thx mate i could see i could get it! always like to ask though! be on next wednesday

  • @metalfoot  Feb 27

    I made it to 90!!! 😉

  • @kristi  Feb 27

    "wild roses" hey....nice! That's fine. Btw, I'm not attached to roses...I was just thinking something romantic.

  • @kristi  Feb 27

    Yes, that’d be great on “Our Hearts...”! Regarding “roses”, well initially it was “flowers”....lol. Do you have another idea for a word there?

  • @hummingbear  Feb 27

    Thanks so much Klaus, for listening to Bears' Nutrition Guide, and your very kind comments. I'm swooning from your praise, rather like a Disney princess. Or maybe Minnie Mouse.

  • @jamkar  Feb 25

    Thank you very much Klaus for commenting on my Doors tribute with @cynthiawolf . She really made it easy for me to play that part!

  • @feb21sundari Feb 20

    Thank you Klaus for your comments about Das Tofutier.
    4 years is a lot information... so you still use german? It makes me happy when you say you re humming the melody.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 20

    Yes, it is true in Canada; you go to the beach in early summer and are blinded by all the white skin. 😀

  • @aneil Feb 19

    @klaus maybe we practicing for heaven maybe we bringing heaven to earth either way music is a great way to waste our time. Thx for your interactions

  • @cindyrella  Feb 19

    Thanks Klaus! I love it-

  • @cindyrella  Feb 19


  • @cindyrella  Feb 19

    That'll be super! 😀

  • @barbara  Feb 19

    Hi Klaus! Thanks for your insightful comment on SnowJoy about v2 ‘how longe the freeze’. It wasn’t intentional, but you are absolutely right, it does foreshadow. I’m afraid I let my unconscious take the lead most of the time, and it does those things for me. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • @themelgoexperience  Feb 18

    Thanks for your comment on "Upstairs"--I appreciate it!

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 18

    Thanks for your comments on "Not Ready to Be Steady". You're right on the money about the need for a melody. I've been concentrating on the grooves and leaving that for another day. Thanks for listening.

  • @faststrings Feb 18

    Hey Klaus, many thanks for your comment on Hot Chicken I appreciate it!

  • @philmcmill  Feb 16

    Thanks for you comments on my song 'Defenestration'. I was in Helsinki in the summer of 1974. My sister-in-law's mother worked at the Grand Hotel and she called the drunk bums at the market square "Russian tourists". But all the Russians I've ever met have been friendly.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 16

    Klaus, don't worry about your language skills; your written English is better than some native English speakers I've encountered. 😀

  • @mmcafee Feb 13

    Thanks for the forum post about making my dropbox links playable in the UI

  • @cindyrella  Feb 12

    Thanks Klaus. I hadn't decided if this one was going to be more funny or serious, but I kept going back to the later. Was wondering if you might like my #20 song A Little Tango?

  • @levesinet Feb 12

    Pistonia en oo kattonut vaikka sitä joskus kehuttiin muusikoiden.netissä. Samuel Adlerin kirjasta luin aika paljon -ja sitä olikin mukava lukea- ja sitten Don Sebeskyn -siitäkin tykkäsin- ja John Cacavasin vihkosia sovittamisesta ja orkesteroinnista. Sit on muutamia Ravelin orkesteripartituureja yms. Ehkä mä vielä jonain päivänä rupean kuuntelemaan useampiakin isoja orkesteriteoksia ja samalla seuraamaan niiden partituureja. Olen kovin hidas käsittelemään nuottikirjoitusta.

  • @kristi  Feb 12

    Hi Klaus, that's fine. No rush...thanks for letting me know!

  • @francessmith Feb 9

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my song Klaus, I will catch up on your latest songs in the morning.

  • @srcoops  Feb 9

    Go ahead with the songs. I look forward to hearing the finished projects.

  • @sunnymae  Feb 9

    Thank you Klaus for taking the time to listen to "as the house burns down." For me it was a wonderful project. The lyrics "sang" to me when I first read them!

  • @aneil Feb 9

    Thx for Listening and comments on Tiffany keep up the awesome collabs

  • @atitlan  Feb 8

    Thanks for your comments on my #onesynth songs. Looks like I've couple of new ones from you to check out.

  • @srcoops  Feb 8

    Happy to have you do something with Junk Drawer. Looking forward to it.

  • @bandybum Feb 7

    "Yes, it might work. You can be Andy and I'll be Colin. 😀 But seriously, I may have some bits that we could collaborate on. I'll get back to you next week via email."

    You just made my day! 😀

    And so many thanks for your wonderful feedback too - what excellent taste you have 😉

  • @srcoops  Feb 7

    Winter Wonderland is yours

  • @ferry0123 Feb 7

    Thank you, sir from Suomi, for your kind and thoughtful note. Good to see you and your unchanged humour. I'll be back listening later today. I'm off cycling through a snowy winter's day.

  • @bandybum Feb 6

    Klaus, would love to an XTC inspired collab with you sometime. Let me know if you think we'd be a good fit 😀

  • @katmtl Feb 6

    Hello, new Fawm friend! Thank you so much for listening to Mesmerized! 😊

  • @chandra83  Feb 5

    Thank you!! <3

  • @kristi  Feb 5

    Okay on RSVP! Looking forward to it!!

  • @mikeb Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment on my 'Famous Painting Challenge' song!

  • @aprilm  Feb 4

    Thanks - nice to see you again! I hope to record maybe tonight when there is some quiet time - the song requires quiet...

  • @larryw Feb 4

    Hey, thanks for the comment on my lyrics for Carmelita, when I get time, I'll work on a melody and backing

  • @downburst  Feb 4

    Yes! Ragtime. My thought exactly. (This song kind of... emerged without much intervention from me.)

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 4

    Hey Klaus..I finally arrived at the party that looks to be in full swing !
    Thanks for the welcome

  • @chandra83  Feb 4

    Hey there! Thanks for your comments on "Whatever you Do.". You're welcome to add music to it. 😀

  • @faststrings Feb 3

    Hey Klaus, many thanks for your comment on Charlie Went Fishing I appreciate it! Kurtis did an awesome job on it!

    You did an awesome job on "He Drank Bobby's Beer at 50/90!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 3

    Thank you! I'm in love with this one! And we should start every FAWM this way!

  • @bitshred  Feb 3

    Thanks for listening Klaus, always appreciate yah.

  • @francessmith Feb 3

    Thanks for the comment Klaus.

  • @ttg105  Feb 2


  • @lvgd09  Feb 1

    Hi Klaus, looking forward to all of your songs

  • @kanttila  Feb 1

    Thanks a lot for the comment and the recommendation! I'm looking forward to your first tune!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 1

    Many thanks for the listen and the really kind words, Klaus! I really appreciate it. 😀

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 1

    Hello my friend. Good to know we'll have the pleasure of your formidable cool again this year. 😉 Have a great FAWM.

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 1

    Well, I guess it depends on one's idea of romance, but definitely not mine haha! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "Rest in Pieces" 😀

  • @joachipz Feb 1

    Thank you @Klaus for taking a bit of your time to listen and comment on my song!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 1

    Pop will work well. Can't wait to hear it!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 1

    Of course! Thanks☺

  • @oddbod  Feb 1

    Hey Klaus. Those sunglasses will come in handy on 14 Feb

  • @scubed  Feb 1

    Hi, Klaus. Happy FAWMing!

  • @spirulence Feb 1

    Hey Klaus! I'm here this year, you bet! We missed you at 50/90 - hope it was a great time off for you. Looking forward to more of your wonderful antics this year.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 1

    Hello, Klaus. We're at Fawm. Might as well make it a good one, eh?

  • @lizbrinker  Jan 31

    Thank you! 😱😬🤪

  • @headfirstonly  Jan 31

    Thanks Klaus - yeah, I realised a few years ago that I just want to sound like the sort of bands I loved in the 70s (and the 80s!) It's a quest I will happily follow for the rest of my life. Happy FAWMing once again!

  • @rickamorphis Jan 31

    Hi Klaus, thanks for the note...you crack me up...I'm gonna try and rally my entire percussion army and see what we can muster. I'll be listening so be terrific! 😃

  • @thetau  Jan 31

    Hey Klaus yep we're here again

  • @toms  Jan 31

    Thank you, Klaus! Have a great one! 😀

  • @arthurrossi Jan 31

    Hey Klaus! I am so glad to see you here! Thanks for the lovely welcome! I plan to be here, yet still unsure of the extent... Have a great FAWM!

  • @barbara  Jan 31

    Bonza FAWM to you, too, Klaus! 😊

  • @billwhite51 Jan 31

    hi klaus. looking forward to your new music, hoe the ast year hasnt dulled your sparkling wit.

  • @alboe Jan 31

    Hey @klaus, thanks for your kind words. I always start february completely blank and it usually takes me a few days to get the creative and inspirational juices flowing. I'm also kinda busy with a few other musical projects this month (plus regular life woes) so I'll have to wait and see what happens.
    I am very much looking forward to hearing your songs, they always bring a smile on my face. And we can definitely use that in these hard times we live in.

  • @ductapeguy  Jan 31

    Back at you Klaus. Have a wonderful FAWM.

  • @cindyrella  Jan 30

    Hey Klaus! So glad to see you!

  • @kahlo2013 Jan 30

    Hola! Here’s to a happy FAWM and more memories! So many good memories of song collaborations over the years - all wonderful with Klaus creativity!

  • @philmcmill  Jan 30

    Moi! Glad to see you back!

  • @musicsongwriter  Jan 30

    Hi Klaus, happy fawm. Tuned my piano twice within a space of a month but still missing the sound it once was.

  • @downburst  Jan 30

    Hello friend. It's good to hear from you. I'm gonna try.

  • @johnstaples  Jan 30

    Hiya Klaus! Love your new profile pic! Happy FAWM 2021!

  • @pifie Jan 28

    Just becuase you said you agreed with me on the pronouns, thank you for your kind words towards me. I wrote a long post that I didn't publish, but explores the issue a little deepear and clearer. Maybe you'd find it interesting:



  • @jamkar  Jan 27

    We had a small dusting earlier this month. Real snow is rare here. More icy rain than snow. You have your share. Yes?

  • @cts  Jan 27

    Howdy-do, sir!

  • @coolparadiso  Jan 27

    Yeah. G’day Klaus!

  • @jamkar  Jan 27

    Klaus is back! 👏 Yes!

  • @ttg105  Jan 27

    Thanks for visiting! Looking forward to hearing your stuff!

  • @bitshred  Jan 26

    Good to see you here Klaus!

  • @oneslowtyper  Jan 25

    Hello Klaus, my good friend! It's nice to see you in the New Year. Wishing you a very good FAWM 2021.

  • @kristi  Jan 23

    Hi Klaus! Nice to see you! Stay warm in the snow and cook up some fun music!!

  • @atitlan  Jan 23

    Synthy must be a word - you just used it. Good to see you here this year - look forward to hearing your new tunes.

  • @jeustan  Jan 23


    I am very happy to see you're here for 2021. I am ready for a bonza FAWM!