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Upper Market St UK   Jan 2008  

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Influences:   Rock, IDM, hip-hop, spoons, drum 'n' bass, collander medleys, thrash metal

EDIT: Balls to it. I'm going to base as many of my tunes on the Amen break. I want to see how far I can stretch that idea.
I'm still working on the game from last year, so I might only do a couple of tracks. I've 'won' FAWM plenty of times, so I'm going to post whatever I like with a cavalier disregard for the rules 😁

It was interesting to look back at how much material I've generated through FAWM (and RPM once). It definitely works!

2008 - Three Pinned Assailants
2009 - Chorine
2010 - We Shall Not Work Together Again
2010 - 50/90 (didn't reach 50, though)
2011 - Scotoma
2012 - Kind / The Queen Of Salt and Sergeant Pepper
2014 - Quest Dollars
2015 - I Will Leave Nothing Behind But My Shoes
2016 - Seekers Allowance

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