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We work hard to make this the best music community on the Internet... with no ads, fees, or creepy data practices. We pay for it out of our own time and wallets, so please consider chipping in so we can keep FAWM alive for you. Thanks!

Standard Donations

Electronic donations use PayPal. To donate by check or money order, see below.

Super Fawmstar!

This is the most popular donation. Show your support for FAWM with [donated] rock hands on your profile. Plus, if you need a place to host your MP3 demos for February and beyond, we can help you out there, too.



This is the basic donation. Be a friend of FAWM, and get your [donated] rock hands.


FAWM D. Rockingfeller Foundation

Give the gift of fawmstardom! Sponsor another fawmer who may not have the means with their [donated] rock hands and MP3 hosting. Tip: You can sponsor multiple fawmers; fill out this form once for each person and they are added separtely to your cart.


In addition to the "standard donations" above, you can buy shirts, stickers, mugs, and more at the FAWM Merch Store, or simply toss a few bucks in the Tip Jar.

Donating by Mail

You can also donate by mail. Just send a check or money order (no cash, please) payable to FAWM.ORG, in U.S. dollars, to:

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Be sure to include your FAWM username (and those of any FAWM D. Rockingfeller sponsorships) so that everybody gets their rock hands!

We also pass 10% of donations we receive on to charity. In the past, we have supported IJM, HEAR, Red Cross, UNICEF, World Vision, Save the Music, Music & Memory, Girls Rock Camp Alliance, Pete Quaife Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer (in memory of @hoopshank), and MusiCares COVID-19 Relief. This year we are supporting the NIVA COVID-19 Relief fund.

Note: FAWM.ORG isn't a 501(c)3 non-profit. (That's too much work for a few folks who host a website once a year.) So your gifts are not tax-deductible, but are needed and very appreciated.