february album writing month.

Write an album's worth of new music in a month, with a collaborative community from all over the world. So-called "fawmers" have collectively written 150,000 FAWM songs to date. Are you in?

Since it's well past February, this website will be dormant until next January. If you're new to the community, sign up for the announcement list to make sure you don't miss the next FAWM!

14 songs in 28 days.

The goal is simple: challenge yourself to write about one new song every other day for the shortest month of the year. Don't wait for inspiration; just show up and make some music!

stay motivated.

Post lyrics or demos as you finish them. Get feedback from fellow fawmers. Track your progress. Get daily songwriting prompts. FAWM inspires you to keep making more music.


Maybe you only write lyrics, or only write music, or struggle with both! Find friends and collaborators from all over the world who complement your skills and challenge you as a musician.

get social!

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