Songs tagged with "parody"

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God in the Sea by @siebass  @popmythology  8
Feb 28
This ad will be over in 5 seconds by @siebass  9
Feb 25
Pacifist My Ass by @sunnymae  3
Feb 25
Must Be Donald (Parody of Must Be Santa) by @mikedelaney 1
Feb 24
The Smells of Silence by @mikegtz  5
Feb 20
How Far I'll Troll by @nuclearbubblewrap 2
Feb 19
Sleeptalk by @robynmackenzie  7
Feb 17
Iron Man (demo) by @insaneian @theiosstudio 2
Feb 17
Widow Natasha (lyrics only) by @insaneian 3
Feb 15
Can't You Leave Your Cell Phone At Home by @doug52 2
Feb 13
Kittens on the Net by @philkmills  8
Feb 12
Gimme One More by @raygungirls  6
Feb 12
Ant-Man (MCU Version) by @insaneian 5
Feb 10
Orc From Home feat. $auron Dolla Sign by @auditasum 13
Feb 9
Ant-Man (MCU version) (lyrics-only) by @insaneian 2
Feb 8
The Bowling Green Fabrication Society (now w/recording!) by @insaneian @nuclearbubblewrap 16
Feb 7
People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokemon by @cblack  8
Feb 6
I Worry, I'm Not Happy by @klaus  34
Feb 5
(None Dead At) Bowling Green by @yarsky 3
Feb 4
Look at Me, Like Susan B by @eringoblog 13
Feb 4
The Bowling Green Fabrication Society (lyrics only) by @insaneian 5
Feb 4
No Twerking on the Dance Floor (a parody of Midnight Starr's no parking on the dance floor) by @clai747 1
Feb 4
God in the Sea by @popmythology  33
Feb 4
Firehose [Parody] by @debs  @darkmantle  34
Feb 3
Another D!(< with his wall by @bking 9
Feb 1