Collaborative songs

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In Momentum by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
just now
Common King by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
just now
Strange Loops by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
1 min
Tear Drum by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
1 min
Anemoia by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
1 min
Anemoia by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
2 mins
Speaking In Stones by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
3 mins
A Riot Of Blots And Blurs by @noisemachines @jmilesporter ZONG
4 mins
Walk on Oceans by @russiasaturn  @petemurphy  2
44 mins
Ascension in a Blue Mist by @kraftec @ajna1960  1
50 mins
Hard Rock needs lyrics by @tjeff  @ajna1960  1
58 mins
Piano ballad in need of lyrics by @tjeff  @ajna1960  ZONG
59 mins
Troubadour by @pamgrisham  @stephen10 ZONG
1 hour
A Devastating Beauty by @sapient  @gordon 2
2 hours
Time Bomb (You Never Listen) by @tcelliott  @ajna1960  9
3 hours
Dog on a Leash by @bachelorb  @fourtracktape 2
3 hours
Soma Street by @zecoop  @karlsburg25  6
3 hours
Life With Young Children by @metalfoot  @jenfoss  7
5 hours
The Thrill of Memory by @downburst  @perfectlyordinaires ZONG
5 hours
Treat me like the Lady I am! by @brrrse  @redlady8029 5
7 hours
Escalators by @tallmarkmusic  @ajna1960  1
7 hours
Alien by @beat  @jonmeta  1
8 hours
Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams by @dutch1967 @tsunamidaily 4
10 hours
Dog On A Leash (4-track challenge tape 11) by @marvsmooth  @standup  9
10 hours
Strawberry Jam Song by @ajna1960  @leepat  6
13 hours
Sorry (Not Sorry) by @krayzie003  @michaelepic 7
15 hours
The Circle by @marthie @arthurrossi 5
16 hours
In My Dreams by @marthie @kahlo2013  2
16 hours
Just breathe by @marthie @brrrse  7
17 hours
Achievement Unlocked by @ericdistad  @thefaithfulsidekicks 3
19 hours