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High-fiving myself by @erichu ZONG
just now
The Country of You by @dgreschler  ZONG
just now
Just Don't Lie To Me by @rj1 ZONG
1 min
One Day Girl by @pornstache  ZONG
1 min
Invisible Cookie by @unpronounceable ZONG
2 mins
Orion in the Sky by @johnfahres ZONG
3 mins
All Alone Again by @defaultdave  ZONG
3 mins
struggle by @faceofeinstein  @gslade  ZONG
5 mins
Say Goodbye to Clowns by @beautyspot ZONG
9 mins
Where I can Hear the Music Play by @nancihobson1  ZONG
10 mins
Sexy Toothbrush by @unpronounceable ZONG
11 mins
For The Sake Of Nothing by @johnfahres ZONG
11 mins
The Garden of Forking Paths by @mood481 ZONG
13 mins
Small Business by SBUD and the Spuds* by @robynsdad  ZONG
14 mins
Faultline by @nancyrost  ZONG
15 mins
Empty and Complete by @barbara  1
17 mins
Annotated History by @johnfahres ZONG
18 mins
Wishful Thinking by @sbaby ZONG
19 mins
10 in 10 by @robynmackenzie  ZONG
21 mins
Untitled by @dwellingondreams ZONG
22 mins
Music in Your Soul by @jaegerin  ZONG
23 mins
Lyrics-first corpse placeholder by @donna  ZONG
25 mins
Safe Song by @johnfahres ZONG
26 mins
The Big Nut Cafe (instrumental) by @samuelmiller  ZONG
29 mins
Jungle Love by @roy  @klyn  ZONG
31 mins
Ode to NYC by @sbaby ZONG
33 mins
Years by @doglatin  ZONG
34 mins
A Message to Maalis by @jonnyeureka33  1
35 mins
Invested* (Possible title change) by @rj1 @theodamus ZONG
36 mins
If I Miss Your Funeral by @bradbrubaker  ZONG
37 mins