Songwriting Cards

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  • @ianuarius  2 weeks

    I just dropped the price for Bard Cards. So, it's now the perfect time to get them!

    1) Challenge yourself with fun prompts!
    2) Encourages you to write new types of songs.
    3) Excellent for FAWM and 50/90.
    4) Perfect gift for songwriting friends (who might not use the Internet).
    5) Now cheaper than ever. $24.99.

    Now is a great time to treat yourself or your friends with a cool Christmas present.
    You'll have it ready and loaded for FAWM 2019.

  • @donna  1 week

    The cards look wonderful, @ianuarius. 😀 I've looked at them a couple of times over the months. But as they're primarily for musicians, I doubt I'd make much use of them.

    But if you ever create a set with lyricists in mind... 😉

  • @ianuarius  5 days

    @donna I definitely will, if I sell enough of these. That's the next thing on my list. 😀

  • @donna  5 days

    @ianuarius, so pleased to hear that. 😀

  • @ianuarius  16 hours

    Oh, if anyone's wondering what the cards are like or how to use them, Pearl Manhattan made a really wonderful video about them.

  • @mikeskliar  8 hours

    I ordered a set last week- so look, perhaps for some 'bard card-inspired' songs from me in 2019!

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