Fawmer Beth Kinderman's Kickstarter project - The Hero's Journey

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  • @ericdistad  Oct 1

    So - not self-promotion technically. This is on behalf of another Fawmer from MN.

    This is a concept album based on the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Fawmer Beth Kinderman wrote a song for each step of the Hero's Journey as detailed in the book.

    To make it even better, Beth wrote all these songs during FAWM 2014 and 2015 and is recording and producing a complete concept album with her band (including Fawmers - Dave Stagner and Justin Hartley)

    This is very cool concept album and it's great to see FAWM songs become completely realized and the project come to fruition!


  • @lemonstar Oct 2

    I take my hat off to them - it's an audacious idea - a concept album - not exactly soup of the day any more but I think it's a great project even though I don't know the book. The site is worth a visit and there's a good slice of prototype music to listen to. Good that you posted it Eric - a shame there are so few people around the boards off-season - perhaps it would have been better to launch their campaign during FAWM 2020.

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