With all the zongs busted...

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  • @lemonstar Sep 28

    I think songs with 1 comment get overlooked - is there a mood here that sees any value in trying to turn one-gs (wongs) into twongs? We're sitting on a gold mine here - you dig?

  • @edwardsmusic Sep 28

    Speaking of which, my track "I'm in Love With You" at the moment has only one comment. That was from when the song had no music to it. Now it does have music but it's not in a state where I'd release it on Bandcamp or anything (not until I have a female vocalist and additional instrumentation).

  • @metalfoot  Oct 4

    @lemonstar It's a good idea. I think the only drawback is that there's just not that many people still floating about to read any such comments!

  • @lemonstar Oct 8

    @metalfoot true enough - maybe we can hold on to that thought for next year - I've done a couple and will look for some others to do - there really is so much great music hidden away in plain view here - we really need a month dedicated to reviewing.

  • @edwardsmusic Oct 8

    Amen to that.

  • @edwardsmusic 6 weeks

    @lemonstar Another drawback is that songs with 1 comment aren't filtered; you have to search for them manually or find them by pure chance.
    If a month is ever dedicated to reviewing, make it "December Album Reviewing Month".

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