New signup issue

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  • @nancyrost  Sep 25

    I'm reporting this from the Facebook account. "I am interested in Signing up in advance for the February album Writing Month! I am getting error messages on your website when I try to sign up, could you help me sign up? Thank you." @burrsettles any insight? I figured I'd post it in this forum too in case fawmers' friends were also having this problem. Thanks!

  • @courtneyrae 4 days

    Its the reCAPTCHA... They shut down version 1 back in March so now all sites with it are broken and no one can bypass it until tge page is updated to v2. I just spent the last hour trying to remember my password lol as you also can not use the 'forgot your password?' function because of this. I hope they plan to update soon i have a friend or two i was gonna try to get to join.

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