So - what did you learn this time?

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  • @lemonstar Sep 13

    About yourself as a musician, writer, person? About any part of the art and craft of being musically creative? About your gear or the way you work? It's good to reflect.

    I'm not going to fully answer this myself as I've had the thought, this question in my head for a few weeks but I know I haven't reflected deeply enough on it myself but I will reply when I've got something concrete. I will say that I know I don't fully commit to this process, I never prepare or think about preparing anything for FAWM - I just make my mind up the night before.

  • @smileymn Sep 13

    Each Fawn I’ve done (4 or 5 now) seem to get better over time. When I started I hadn’t written songs in over ten years so the first one was such a joy. The next few were ok, kinda meandering, then the last one I feel like things started to click again. I’m simplifying some things, acknowledging my influences more, and writing honest but vague tunes. Hopefully before next Fawn I can get a new recording set up and can go back to trying to write more complex multitrack pieces, knowing what I know now after doing 2-3 FAWMs of simple one track recordings.

    It’s always a work in progress and evolution. My goals are also to try to collaborate more, especially with people on this site.

  • @metalfoot  Sep 15

    I learned that even when life explodes, there's always time for music!

  • @edwardsmusic Sep 15

    A feeling of desperation and frustration; I learned that not a lot of people use the site after February.
    Putting that aside, I guess I learned to be persistent: to try and get songs from this year's FAWM completed. I'm still on my way to achieve that though.

  • @roadreg 8 weeks

    I learned that I learn a lot just by listening to music. I barely wrote any songs between FAWM '17 and '18, but by the time FAWM came around this year I noticed that I was already a much better songwriter without even practising. I imagine this holds true for most people too.

  • @frey 8 weeks

    I learned that I can write a song in 30 minutes if I really want to 😝

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