Releasing Music via New Patreon Page

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  • @boyatheart  Jun 26

    I started a new Patreon page after I had the idea to release music as and when I finish tracks.
    The aim is to do at least one per month and keep active on my Youtube channel (mainly guitar-related stuff) as a way to build my audience from there. I find Youtubers to be the most interactive so far in my experience.
    Anyway I'm posting here, not expecting any patrons realy, but if it inspires any of you to try something similar then go for it!

    It's here:

    Maybe see some of you for 50/90 if I decide to do it.
    Peace to all.

  • @haim  Jun 27

    That's nice I wish you good luck with it. I thought about how I can apply Patreon for my music but yet nothing comes to my mind yet... Maybe when I will get closer to finishing my first album.. but that inspires me, I'll check it out now. Are you planning to release there original songs that are with finished demos or just rough recordings? Anyways, sounds like fun hope I'm right. good night.

  • @haim  Jun 27

    By the way I've listened to another song of yours from last fawm (circles of love) and production is great, song is great, loved it. cool stuff man.

  • @boyatheart  Jun 29

    Thanks for the feedback @haim much appreciated.
    I intend to release finished songs on Patreon, assuming it proves to be worthwhile. I need to up my game in promoting my stuff, which I'll try via Youtube with my giutar-related videos.
    After I have released an album's worth I'll put the music up on other platforms like Bandcamp and Youtube.
    If I commit to publishing songs as finished then they will not occupy my head as unfinished songs that will never get finished!

  • @haim  Jun 29

    @boyatheart Hi, my pleasure.
    I totally understand you... I am working on my first album now.. I want songs to tell people, hey that's me, that's the music I'm making and come join me to the ride if you like. It's hard to promote myself with unfinished fawm songs and other non-fawm songs that I have.
    The tiny problem that annoys me just a bit is that I have so many songs, but producing & recording the album and all the things around it cost a lot and takes me a long time to finish, so I can only put limited number of songs on the album.. I would say between 8-12... and that annoys me a bit, but when I think objectively from normal non self judging, I just can't wait to finish the first album, things I feel should go so much smoother from there... I then can start perform with musicians with my songs and even touring around the world if that's what I'll feel like doing.. I feel like the sky will be the limit. Can you relate?

  • @boyatheart  Jul 5

    Sorry @haim I didn't see this reply until now.
    Yes I've been doing this a long time and I still feel like I'm just getting started. It's a slow grind when you're doing all of it by yourself. I imagine most folks here can relate!
    Just keep enjoying the process and focus on the music being the best you can make it. Good luck!

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