50/90 Site Reset

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  • @ericdistad  Jun 24

    Heads up 50/90 participants - the site will be going down for reset tonight and should be ready for the 2018 adventure on Monday 6/25, if all goes well.

    I will be making an archive copy of the 2017 site for at least a few days, for those who still need to get their songs from last year.

  • @edwardsmusic Jun 26

    Cool. I just updated my profile over there, after reading this. Guess I should be ready for what's going to happen.

  • @complexissimple Jun 27

    Nooo. . . I missed it. I saw this post a couple days ago on mobile but have been too sick to get to the computer.

    I can't believe I didn't even download @stephenwordsmith's troll song, that was one of my most favorite FAWM songs ever.

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