50/90 is UP!!!

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  • @metalfoot  Jun 9

    Rockin' out to last summer's tunes before the big reset...

  • @jwhanberry  Jun 9

    Good job Web Team! Thanks for your hard work.

  • @toms  Jun 9

    It keeps redirecting me to this site. I'm probably doing something wrong.

  • @metalfoot  Jun 9

    @toms Try hard-refreshing and/or clearing your cache?

  • @edwardsmusic Jun 10

    Works for me. I definitely know what I'm doing this year; stay tuned lol

  • @mikeskliar  Jun 10

    I just posted over 'there' at the 50/90 forums , which are open...

  • @toms  Jun 10

    Yah, that did it. Thank you, @metalfoot . My old brain forgets things. 😀

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