Do any musicians here use Linux?

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  • @paulhenry  Apr 27

    I'm considering shifting from MacOS to Linux and wanted to know if any FAWMers use Linux as their OS for recording and how they like it. I already have Linux experience and I'm familiar with the available software. I'm concerned with issues such as workflow, time spent on OS issues rather than music, hardware interface issues, etc. Anyone?

  • @timfatchen  Apr 28

    The only thing that stops me throwing Microsoft out the third-floor window is the mountain of wretched audio, video and notation software, including all my go-to's, that won't run on Linux, and the thousands of dollars and hours I'd have to spend to make the switch. My advice? Switch while you can, BEFORE you start the software accumulation!

  • @rwc Apr 30

    I use Mint and I’m really happy with it. I'm using Audacity, Hydrogen, and a couple of soft synths. Everything was available through Software Manager so setting it up couldn’t have been easier. Similarly, Mint just detected my microphone and it worked straight away. I think my workflow is probably quite simple so I don’t really have any sense that using Linux has any impact on it. I don’t think I’ve spent any time on OS issues at all.

    I think someone else asked about using Linux in January so you might want to look at that post, if you haven’t seen it already.

  • @tseaver  May 4

    @paulhenry I've been defenestrated for twenty years now. Recording under Linux is a lot easier than it used to be, particularly with an audio-focused distribution (I'm partial to UbuntuStudio).

    Ardour, Muxbus, and Reaper are all good DAW choices.

  • @torniojaws May 4

    At some point, I hope to, since Linux is my primary OS for all work things and would be at home too if it weren't for Cubase. The biggest obstacle is that I rely heavily on VST-instruments.

  • @roadreg May 25

    Yes! Though I still dual boot with Windows because of some plugin limitations (even with a compatibility layer), and I actually do most of my DAW work on Reaper in Windows still, as Reaper in my experience becomes unstable on Linux if you've got quite a lot of tracks and effects running in a project.

    As far as recording on Linux, I do a fair bit of that too. I've been using Manjaro for a while but I literally just switched to Debian yesterday. Usually this is in the context of taking my old laptop to a friend's house to record "raw" instruments - all tracking is done on Ardour and JACK is perfect for its limited hardware. On my desktop, I use Linux for demo recording and electronic stuff. It's a much nicer experience, imo. The folks over at Cockos are doing good work for their native version of Reaper for Linux, so I imagine once that's in a better state I'll be doing a lot less on Windows.

    Yes, Repear is important to me 😉

    Anyway - I've not once had an issue with my audio interface and Linux. And once I became familiar with the ins-and-outs of JACK, I haven't had *any* problems since. If you're cool with the selection of software available, it's a real sturdy setup.

    My buddy @silvermediapro actually does his music entirely on Linux. Recording, mixing, mastering - everything. It's a good example that it works 😀

  • @yam655 May 28

    I tend to use tools that also work in Linux, primarily because my kids use Linux and it allows all the skills I learn to also be useful to help them.

    My non-crapcapella workflow includes Ardour (my go-to DAW), Audacity (for converting to MP3 and general audio-file editing), LMMS (for the soft-instrument with presets), though I've also included some Hydrogen (for drums), and rubberband-cli (to stretch audio), -- I'll note that Hydrogen explicitly works well with LMMS and rubberband-cli -- and LilyPond (for sheet-music). I've even dabbled a little with Blender for music videos.

    If you want to get experimental with some of your own scripts and programs, this is totally doable, too. I do a spot of this as well. (Though it would be far easier with Linux and JACK.)

  • @paulhenry  May 30

    Thanks, everyone. I was unaware that Repear is (will be?) available. My plan is to use Mixbus and possibly Bitwig Studio if I decide I can afford it. The most trouble I see is compatibility with my existing hardware interface, a Saffire Pro 24. According to the sources I’ve checked, it should work.

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