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  • @radioovermoscow Apr 1


    Includes a few songs from this year's FAWM, including 'Irrelevant' ( and 'So What?' (

    This album started out as an outlet for a bunch of really old songs I'd never recorded properly before, straight-ahead guitar, bass and drums - but evolved a bit in the recording process,

    I got some studio monitors, so ironically the throwaway grunge-rock album I intended to make probably has the best production of anything I've done to date...

    Anyway. Free download/pay what you want. Will be on Spotify and the rest in a day or two. Check it out here if you want to stream:


  • @mikeskliar  Apr 3

    listening to the first few tracks now- wow, great production, really nicely done....! love that '1984' orwell vibe in 'siriscreen'

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