Guitar Transcribing Help! Can't Figure Out A Riff

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  • @barrygoldman  Mar 16

    Hey people who're still around. So, I want to try doing a short Barry Goldman cover of Utada's Hotel Lobby, which is a neat electro pop song from her great album Exodus.

    The issue is I'm so bad at transcribing and learning my ear that I can't even figure out the simple repeating riff. It sounds so easy but I just cannot get even the second note correctly on guitar. Never mind the chord progression which hell, I can tell it's in F# I think but man I don't know if it's one chord or what. When there are no tabs or chords for a oh man.

    So if anyone is good at figuring this out do you know what notes or whatever this simple thing is for guitar? It's a random question but this is one of the only places I can think to go for help!

    This is the song, the riff is the do-do-do-do, that occurs late in the intro, in the chorus and in the outro of the song, you'll hear it. Thanks!

  • @jamkar  Mar 16

    Convert to mp3. Then load it into your DAW. Then export as midi file. Then open it with one of the notation programs, like note flight, or scorecloud.

  • @vomvorton  Mar 16

    It sounds like F, C#, G#, F# to me.

    I'm playing it like this:

  • @vomvorton  Mar 16

    As for the chords, in the chorus it goes Bbm - C# - F# - G#

    The verse is weird, not sure how I'd transcribe that bass riff! But it's kinda C# / F# I guess

  • @barrygoldman  Mar 16

    @vomvorton Dude yer a miracle! Thanks so much this is perfect. The issue, beyond getting the wrong notes, was I was playing the first note twice and the second one twice for the first do-do-dodo. My timing was all off. Thanks a lot this helps so much! Now I can actually try something with the song!

    @jamkar Oh thanks, I didn't know about those programs before. They seem very handy!

  • @vomvorton  Mar 16

    @barrygoldman no worries! Be sure to share your version if you get it finished, I'm curious to hear how it sounds through a Goldman filter!

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