First Remixes of FAWM Songs in March

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  • @stevenwesleyguiles  5 weeks

    So, this is a remix that I'm pretty happy with, but I'm also open to mix critiques from you seasoned mixer dudes and dudettes, because if there's one thing I've learned, there's ALWAYS more to learn. 😀

    I'm hoping this sounds like a kick ass rock and roll song in the style of other garage rock type bands.

    In fact, I'd LOVE any feedback as to who this sounds like to you as well.

    Written with the uber-talented lyricist @ajna1960

    Here it is:

  • @mikeskliar  5 weeks

    just listening on the computer speakers, and it sounds great! Love that the vocal is good and up-front- one of my pet peeves is that people many times don't mix the vocals loud enough for my taste- i want to hear the melody and lyric! (and the other stuff too).. this sounds like a great mix to me, all the instruments seem to work together! and yes , it rocks!

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    @stevenwesleyguiles - It sounds great - in your face, but in a good way. Tough edge on the vocal and growl on the guitars. Not sure who it sounds like - probably some 90's and 00's influences in there that I don't know about, but speed it up a bit and you would have some of The Knack in there (who in turn had a lot of other people in them). But the power pop with straight ahead parts, along with the winks and smiles and oohs, made me think of that. 😀

  • @metalfoot  5 weeks

    It sounds like Pushstart Wagon to me. 😉

    It's a great rock song, Steven.

  • @ajna1960  5 weeks

    ha ha @metalfoot re Pushstart Wagon lol

  • @tseaver  5 weeks

    I don't usually listen on my tablet without headphones, but tried it just as a lark: the mix sounds *great*.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  5 weeks

    Thanks @tseaver. I've discovered that if I've done a good mix, it translates to MOST sources really well. Most pro mixes sound good everywhere (at least, it generally seems like that).

    @metalfoot and @ajna1960 LOL. I wonder why? 😉

    @zecoop I need to listen to more The Knack.

  • @sph  5 weeks

    Great Remix! Supertight. Just listened to this with good headphones. Will check it later on my monitors.

  • @fonte  4 weeks

    I just listened to this on my phone speakers and it sounds great! The mix is perfect. Guitars and vocals have a nice 'hot' feeling like a bit of crunch and that nice slightly over recorded/hitting the red zone on the metre feel (showing my age...). Great vibe to the song, really really like it.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  4 weeks

    Thanks @sph and @fonte.
    Are you guys remixing any songs this time of the year?

  • @zecoop  4 weeks

    I remixed everything...

    ...but I'll probably remix some more, lol

  • @fonte  4 weeks

    @stevenwesleyguiles yeah I've made some tweaks on things that were bothering me (that probably no one else will hear but I just couldn't leave!). But in the spirit of FAWM am not being too fussy and have given myself the deadline of the end of the month to upload to band camp and let it go...!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  4 weeks

    @zecoop Remix. All the THINGS!

  • @sph  3 weeks

    @stevenwesleyguiles Just remixed two songs:
    King of none-hit wonderness (
    Empty spaces ( On the second one I rerecorded the vocals because of the phrasing in some parts and also added a bit of vocoder backing in verses and bridge.

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