Societies, Associations, songwriter orgs et etc

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  • @julesbf Mar 12

    I am completely bewildered by the array of organisations and associations that exist for songwriters (Musicians Union, PRS, MSCP, BASCA etc). Which should I be a member of, are any essential or are they just nice to have? I am located in the UK if that refines the answers any.

  • @oddbod  Mar 12

    I think they're all going to cost something for membership so maybe consider if you need to

  • @donna  Mar 12

    @julesbf Yes, as @oddbod mentions, PRS is the way to go. My co-writers in England and Scotland are both PRs members.

    In the event you ever want to submit your music to a licensing agency, some will only accept tracks if you (and your co-writers) belong to a performing rights society.

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