Arcade Fire Guitar signal chain for Suburban War: how?

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  • @scottlake  Mar 11

    I think a 12 string electric is involved but what about Beyer nd that?

  • @iveg Mar 11 it's almost 6 years old, so I'm sure things have changed a lot.

  • @scottlake  Mar 11

    I have to pay more attention to the autocorrect from my iPhone! Should read “what about beyond that”. I found a live video where it looks like it’s a Gibson 12 string ES of some type capoed at 2nd or 3rd fret, and the arpeggios up at frets 8-12 or so.

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 11

    Not familiar with the song, so I went and checked it out, sounds like a pretty straight 12 string electric with a short feedback 1/8 note delay maybe some chorus or the delay is some what modulated, the chorus effect is probably just from the 12 string and delay.

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