Anybody use cakewalk?

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  • @standup  Mar 5

    Apparently Gibson has sold them off to a company called BandLab. Who knows? Might be good?

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 5

    Interesting. I use Sonar which is what Cakewalk became at some point. I've been using their products since Cakewalk 4. It works well with my brain. I hope they also took over the liabilities so my upgrades can keep coming.

  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 5

    I use cakewalk sonar 8.5.3 I did get Sonar X1 Producer, but never really got around to using it. 8.5.3 works for me fairly well.

  • @mdavisto  Mar 6

    I used Cakewalk from version 1 through version 9, at which point Cubase and FL Studio took over. And since FL can now, finally, 20 years later, do time signature switching on the fly, just FL Studio, really.

    But I see this happening a lot. Sony sold Vegas off to Magix, who immediately put it on Humble Bundle - I was able to pick up the Pro version for $20.

    So, it probably does mean good things if Bandlab follows suit.

  • @timfatchen  Mar 6

    I grits me teeth. Mind you, it's Music Creator I use, the stripepd down cheapie version of Sonar. But I shudder at a potential disappearance after using the stuff for 20 years+

  • @mdavisto  Mar 6

    @timfatchen It won't go away. Either they'll continue development, which is good, or it'll start popping up in bundles all over the place at very reduced prices. You watch.

  • @cts  Mar 6

    Anybody using or is familiar with Momentum that Cakewalk put out?

  • @benbarden Mar 6

    These days I use Logic, but I did have Sonar 8, and also bought Rapture Pro a year or two back as it works on Mac.

  • @vomvorton  Apr 4

    The latest on this is that BandLab have made Cakewalk into a free product:

    Could be handy for anyone looking for a free DAW next FAWM!

  • @musicsongwriter Apr 4

    I used to have Cakewalk and looved it but with my new computer at the time it wasn't successful for some reason. They sent me email regarding BandLab so I went to try and I found it really easy to use. Enjoying creating new pieces.

  • @metalfoot  Apr 4

    @vomvorton oooooh... shiny free stuff!

  • @scottlake  Apr 7

    I will now. Notation and tablature, but what a mess of an interface.

  • @gubna Apr 10

    Yeah, I'm still using Sonar 8.5 producer. This is great, but I don't think the computer I'm using it on could manage the newer versions.

    I'm running on VISTA! LOL!

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