Any Iowagians?

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  • @jpt  Mar 2

    Checking to see if there are any fellow Iowans on the board? Hit me up if you are out there, perhaps a co-writing opportunity or just fellow sojourners in the "Beautiful Land". For those not in the know, Iowa was recently designated the top state to live in.

  • @downburst  Mar 2

    I love Iowa, especially the east around Dubuque and the Loess Hills in the west. But I don't live there.

  • @jpt  Mar 2

    Two very beautiful places in Iowa. The SE portion along the Des Moines River is also very nice. I have hiked the Loess Hills and agree, its is breath taking (in several ways).

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 2

    I was born and raised in McGregor Iowa along the shore of the mighty Mississippi. I've since moved, but visit my folks often. My brother owns Back Pocket Brewing with three different locations in Iowa. I have ridden RAGBRAI once...and lived.

  • @mardeycranbleson  Mar 2


  • @jmadison  Mar 2

    I live in Decorah!

  • @kovbleu  Mar 2

    I'm so tired I read that as "Low Agains" .... what the?! hahahaha I figure it out before I clicked on the thread. But then just decided it was funny and I'd tell you.

    Hi people from IOWA! Hello!

  • @jpt  Mar 2

    I don't think I spelled it correctly but that was what I was called when I lived in Missouri. Iowan is much easier to spell. @darcistrutt, love Back Pocket Brewing, good stuff. As for myself, I now live in Vinton, but have lived numerous places in Iowa, Wisconsin, & Missouri. Native Iowan though and glad to be back in state.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 2

    @jpt I wish I could move back “home” but my Hubby’s Dad is up here and needs us closer. I love my visits to McGregor and holidays always have lots of Back Pocket to sample. Thanks for supporting my Bro!

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 3

    @kovbleu I read it as low wagian, and thought, that's me.

  • @leah0k  Mar 3

    I’m a Quad Citizen, so I claim both IL and IA as my residency. I river hop on the daily.

  • @jpt  Mar 3

    @leah0k do you ever get over to Dave & Peggy's Open Mic at the Milltown Coffeehouse in Moline? Dave is my wife's cousin and I have known him and Peggy for a long time. I keep hoping to run down sometime to join in on the fun.

  • @leah0k  Mar 3

    @jpt no I haven’t! That sounds fun though. My brother used to work there, and plays music quite a bit locally, do you know Lewis Knudsen?

  • @jpt  Mar 3

    @jmadison I love Decorah. Often make a road trip coming your way. We have an old car (1964 Ford Galaxie) that we often will take out on a weekend, for a cruise. Weather stays nice and it will be back out on the road soon.

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 4

    I went to college in Iowa and visit Dubuque often!

  • @andygetch  Mar 4

    My wife is from Iowa and we visit Des Moines once a year or so.

  • @cmharwood89  Mar 12

    Missed this! I teach in Iowa City!

  • @elliottlawrence Mar 12

    I live in Seattle now but I grew up in Des Moines!

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