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  • @nikke88 Feb 26


    I have a tune that has some Kraftwerk-vibe on it, and I would like to sing it in German. Sadly my German is a bit too rusty. If someone could help me with translating this text to German, it would make me happy. It's all about my bicycle. I don't really call it Matilda, but I have a theme for naming all my songs with woman's name and it was the first name to pop into my mind. 😀


    "My friend has a car
    My cousin has a car
    But I have my Matilda"


    "The wind in my hair
    Cool breeze everywhere
    I'll arrive there, as a pair
    With my Matilda."

  • @tcelliott  Feb 26

    There are several German speaking fawmers.. at least two I've seen active this year. Of course, they might be busy and unable to help, but you could try @karan... good people.

  • @karan  Feb 26

    @nikke88, I've just found your tune and you already have a great German translation in the song! 😀 Do you still want another one that retains the rhythm of your original? I think what you have is fine, but just get in touch if you still need my help.

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