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  • @ustaknow Feb 20

    How, if you are able, --indicate multiple "collaborators"?

    I can select only one, and that's it. Each one otherwise then has to load a track?

    -- Just curious, not yet needed, just wondering

    And would otherwise, me, what I'd do, -- indicate it in the Song post at a minimum. Again, not an issue, just wondering, since see all the other challenges with multiple participants, was not sure if I missed something.

  • @mdavisto  Feb 20

    You can't, and people have been asking for it for years.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 20

    Some common ways I've seen.

    1) Create an account just for.. say exquisite corpses. Where everyone involved has a collab with that one account. All of them locked except for the official track. The titles of the others include see song # (whatever the song number is.)

    2) Every two people put up the song as a collaboration. So if you have four people involved, you have one song with two people, then the same song with the other two people. Liner notes indicate what is going on.

    3) If it's a project with multiple parts then you can have one official song and then a collab is posted with all the participants sections. Ie the Taco story from CowEx posted this past weekend. The parts are posted individually as collaborators then the full project is posted at the end.

    4) A combination of the above. I've had a locked song on my account that said (see songtitle # songnumber) because I was the third person in a collaboration. Sometimes, I'd rather just not have the song on my list and be mentioned in the title. Songname (with fawmername and fawmername.) For instance, I'm already over 14 songs so it I don't care about song count at this point. And if I've just added a guitar solo, then I feel that I don't need a song on my board since I didn't really write the song.

  • @mdavisto  Feb 20

    Or. Or you could just allow collaboration with more than one person.

    In the song submission page, it says select collaboratorS, not collaboratoR.

  • @ustaknow Feb 21

    Oh, hey @mdavisto @tcelliott -- wow thank you for the input.

    Wow, that's allot of work, kudos to for doing that!!! OMG! 😀

    -- Eh, it was just a thought concerning the ad-hoc Harmonica riff compilation thread I dashed off the other day.

    -- It's not an issue and no one is concerned, or even brought it up. Technically, well, actually 😀 it is *not a collaboration, -- it's a *compilation, *appended *separate *tracks *only, --for fun here, something else creative, different to do.

    I'll just..., as I set it up as I ad-hoc 😀 made it up as I went, said in the parent-thread:
    -- in the post indicate: track one -name, track two -name ... etc.


    If was less complicated and not so much updating (as it is now even, made work for myself!)... --now just going to update the Sound file *only/track-name...
    -- I wanted to do a Guitar-riff compilation too, or any instrument comp even...

    It looked like someone started a guitar-riff thing but it was just a ["what I like" thread] not a riff-comp-thread, --fav artists only thing.
    -- I had hoped folks of all levels would "rip one off" and append it, --fun. Oh well, maybe next year...

    Anyway, --thank you!

    I didn't know this feedback was here, this input, -- since you guys didn't @ustaknow me... thought it got burried 😀 glad I saw it!

  • @tunecat  Apr 7

    Yeah we did a three way but there wasn't a way to have it appear on everyone's page.. Probably something to do with internet or computer world.

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