3-way collab needs a singer

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  • @moonraccoon  Feb 20

    Hey FAWMers. I wrote an upbeat little ditty, and @oneslowtyper wrote a lyric for it. Now we seek a singer to bring it home.

    Song: http://fawm.org/songs/83946/

    Lyrics can be found in the comments.

    Feel free to email a vocal track that I can fly into the mix. If you're concerned about matching the aesthetic, the base track was recorded into a tablet using its native mic.


    If you'd like to put it together on your end, feel free to sing over the "da-da-da"s in the existing track. Or I can cobble together a track for you without the da-da-da's 😀

    Cheers, and happy FAWMing.

  • @amysens Feb 23

    Yay! gonna try this today 😀

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