Looking for songwriters who can write an early 60's sort of song

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  • @spiffyflinger 1 week

    Hey guys! I'm working on a concept album recorded by a fake band in 1963. All of the songs on the album will be original, and the idea is to have them sound like they came from 1963 as much as possible. I think it'd be cool to have a bunch of songwriters help me out with this, and that's where you guys come in! The general style I'm aiming for is an early British Invasion type thing (The Beatles, The Hollies, The Dave Clark Five), but I'm totally down with having songs flirting with surf, doo-wop, R&B, rock and roll. All those kinds of things.

    If you end up writing a song for this project, please let me know in this thread and via e-mail! Additionally, if you write a song for this project for FAWM, please include the tag #1963challenge so I can keep track of it! If you have any questions, let me know!

  • @corinnelucy  1 week

    Wait so it's basically a challenge and if you like what we do you'll include it? Alright, I'll see what I can do! 😁

  • @metalfoot  1 week

    ... I have been known to do the odd doowop styled song from time to time...

  • @jamkar  1 week

    In "That Thing You Do" a whole movie was built around this concept. Tom Hanks starred in it.

  • @standup  1 week

    I'm always drawn to surf instrumentals and Sonics-style garage rock. Maybe I'll indulge those urges.

  • @soulbird 1 week

    ok, see i can complete any of my Rutle tunes... there's this but it needs to be played on a boot stomping stage on hollowbody guitars to get its energy levels where a real band would lift it to https://soundcloud.com/buddhamonkey/f...

  • @pipewrench67 1 week

    I may eek something out.

  • @tuneslayer2018  1 week

    I assume the tunes should be something you would actually be likely to hear in 1963? None of this "If everybody had a laptop / Running Intel Core" to a tune similar to Surfin' USA. 😁

    Sorry, I'll go back to . . . um, what was I doing?

  • @cynthiawolff  1 week

    Wanna Thrive (not just survive)


  • @barbara  1 week

    "if I had a laptop
    I'd be surfing in the mo-or-ning,
    I'd be surfing in the evening
    all over this land.."

  • @rainchaser  6 days

    I'm currently writing a 50s song with my random collaboration partner. But so far it's turning out to be a 60s song. You should check that song out to give you ideas once I have it up.

    Most songs in the early 60s were primarily in AABA. A majority of the songs were no longer than 3 minutes but typically the songs length would usually be 2 minutes - 2 minutes and 30 seconds. So brevity was the norm back then. The songs were mostly out of key. Basically blues pretty much dominated the early 60s. For instance, the 12 bar blues was everywhere. The intros were mostly no more than 4 seconds. The themes were mostly love songs. Vocal harmonies were more prominent.

  • @tuneslayer2018  6 days

    @barbara LOL well done. I think there's another song in there, but definitely not suited for this particular venture.

  • @andygetch  6 days

    Hmmm checking history there is a possibility that my electric vehicle/solar panel theme could possibly work @spiffyflinger . Hmmm. Also you may want to check out The Turtles 'Battle of the Bands' LP. Similar idea but was 1968 each song (including Happy Together) had a different 'fake band' name to go with the genre.

  • @sbs2018 6 days

    I actually wrote a song in the 60s my first song with a childhood friend.- I recently recorded it for posterity. Has a white Motown girl band sound.

  • @karlsburg25  6 days

    I love the idea of this and being a massive Beatles fan would love to have a go.

  • @karlsburg25  6 days

    Also if you want any songs that i have already done, i do have one that i think would perfectly fit the criteria that i recoreded a few months ago. Just let me know and i will email it to you. Cheers

  • @davidhendricks 6 days

    Here's one that might fit, it's a surf tune in the style of the Ventures. http://fawm.org/songs/82558/

  • @billwhite51 6 days

    i have written and recorded a number of songs in the style of the early sixties. Here is an early sixties r and b ballad. https://billwhite.bandcamp.com/track/...

  • @soulbird 6 days

    here's the riff if anyone wants to write some words to it... my working title was 'don't smile so sad my friend' but yours doesn't have to be..https://soundcloud.com/buddhamonkey/f...

  • @soulbird 6 days

    and/or this one.... suits with velvet collars essential...https://soundcloud.com/buddhamonkey/f...

  • @karlsburg25  6 days

    Here you go. Early 60's pop attempt. https://soundcloud.com/karlosharrison...

  • @billwhite51 6 days

    the turtles batle of the bands was a parody abum

  • @soulbird 6 days

    so is the dukes of stratosphear, but it's a) brilliant and b) the nearest xtc came to being commercially successful.

  • @soulbird 5 days

    take 1... A hard day with the Beatles

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