collab request - experimental music for my lyrics/melodies

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  • @visiblydistorted Feb 11

    Hey folks,

    I'd love it if some of my unfinished songs got a bit of experimental or #weird music happening with them as a collab... If you are interested in that kind of thing, let me know!

    under my #needs-collab tags, I mainly have lyrics posted, some of them with melody already. But I'd like it if you can take one of my song starters and transform it into something that suits your style too!

    I'm always delighted at the directions other creative humans take my words. Just let me know which demo you liked, and if you need anything to get started.

  • @tunecat  Feb 18

    Hi there. I'm pretty sure that most of what I've been doing recently is in this category. Wanna check me out and then drop me a line if that suits?

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 19

    Yay, posted on your soundboard!

  • @tunecat  Feb 20

    OK checking my soundboard now

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 20

    That's pretty cool, @postcardhelicopters I really like what you've got going on there. I'm up for the collab.

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 20

    it just opened in my media player, but I realized there's a "save target as" function right now, @postcardhelicopters so I'll give it a shot and see what happens 😀 thanks!

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