I provide the melody, you soup it up?

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  • @the7thnight Feb 10

    Hi everyone! I've been at FAWM for a few years but I haven't done a whole lot of collaborations. Listening to random stuff, if seems like there are a lot of FAWMers with awesome mixing and instrumentation skills. I personally always spend a lot of energy on creating catchy melodies and chords, but I kind of peter out when it comes to the orchestration. Anyone interested in remixing/orchestrating a melody I write? I have a preference for synths and electropop style, but I'd honestly be quite pleased with whatever kind of collab comes my way!

  • @erikleppen Feb 14

    Would you dare to collaborate with someone who
    1. has never done collaboration before
    2. has been a member here for, er, 3 hours? 😝

    Would *I* dare to take on the challenge of creating a song with someone else's melody? I'm not sure I have the "awesome mixing skills" you're looking for, but I'd like to try this as being my first collab ever, if you don't mind.

    How would you have the melody/chords prepared? As sheet music? As audio? In some sort of text notation? I'd like to have the chord names if possible, that's easier for me than by ear 😀

    Also I don't know how this collab thing works actually. Is replying here on the topic the right way? Should I contact @the7thnight personally somewhere?

  • @seb Feb 16

    Im down. Wanna collab? 😀

  • @halfwalk Feb 16

    I'd be interested too. Let me know. Fair warning though, I like weird and ambiguous harmonies

  • @erikleppen Feb 17

    I say you should give all of us the same melody and chords and see what happens 😁

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 17

    I may be interested in some sort of collab, but I'm afraid I am only able to soup down with my new computer.

  • @chrishope  Feb 17

    soup .. as in damp squid?

  • @chrishope  Feb 17

    apologies it is 'soup' .... its not squid its squib ...x. ( and i swore on an early thread to not post tipsy)

  • @the7thnight Feb 18

    Oops, I had assumed no one would respond to this topic, and when I got back from visiting a friend for a few days, all these replies! Yeah, I'd love to do several collabs (since I've got plenty of melody material to work with.) Anyone know the best way to go about these kinds of collaborations? Can I send people midi tracks by email for instance?

  • @man Feb 18

    here you go

  • @stillforever Feb 18

    What I do with collabs (and there may well be other ways) is bounce my tracks out individually as .wav (if you have any specific audio/sounds in place) and also as MIDI, zip the lot up, add the bpm in the title, and Dropbox it.

    Would also be up for collab, if you haven't already got too many offers anyway! 😀

  • @the7thnight Feb 18

    @man Nice soup, man! @stillforever Yeah, let's do a collab then! I'll try and send you something tomorrow.

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