The Conversation Heart Challenge

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  • @adnama17  Feb 8

    If this is your first FAWM, FYI, the site will go a GROSS shade of pink for Valentine's Day next Wednesday and your profile pic will be replaced by a cute little conversation heart saying cheesy things like "U Rock" and "R U Mine?" So when I saw the boxes of chalky conversation hearts at the grocery store today, I thought to myself, "Self, you should write a song based on a random 'draw' from the conversation heart box." But why keep the fun to myself, right? So if you want me to draw you a random conversation heart to write a song around, comment below. I will draw a heart for you on Saturday morning. This gives you enough time to write a sickly sweet love song for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day on Wednesday. Post your links here and let's get sappy! Or anti-sappy depending your current relationship status. 😁

  • @powerstars Feb 8

    I would love one, I like this idea a lot.

    Also, get it? LOVE one? I'm so clever. 😝

  • @unpronounceable  Feb 8

    Lol yasss!

  • @woolford  Feb 8

    Oh, yes please!

  • @zoom  Feb 8

    I'll give IT a try ☝🏻

  • @wacha  Feb 8

    Yes! I'll give it a try.

    Writing love songs are not my thing but every so often I'm able to stumble on a good one.

  • @skylermf Feb 8

    Cool idea, count me in

  • @kathym  Feb 8

    Awww, come on ... one of my favorite things during the fawm is fawmentine's day when things turn pink. The more things we get to celebrate, the better!

  • @adnama17  Feb 8

    I know, @kathym. I wasn't saying it was a bad thing. Pink just makes me want to puke. πŸ˜€ Do you want me to draw you a heart?

  • @nuj4x Feb 8

    I'm definitely in on this! Please include me for sure!

  • @kathym  Feb 8

    @adnama17 I know. We go through this every year. Sure you can draw me a heart. I always have fun with assignments and it keeps me from slacking off on writing. πŸ˜€ Thank you.
    Oh, and I wrote the opposite of a Valentine song a few years ago. I worked really late and had a nasty sore throat. I stopped at the local drug store to get some lozenges on the way home and there was 14 rows of Valentine stuff! So, I went home and wrote about all of that stuff and sitting it out that year.

  • @cicpisces Feb 8

    Give me your best heart.

  • @snoozin  Feb 8 there's no surprise....

  • @valeriecox  Feb 8

    I hate the Valentine's Day pink theme. It's truly disturbing. I'll take a heart though. I always like a good, cheesy love song.

  • @max  Feb 8

    Yep! Count me in and draw me a heart.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 10

    sure, this challenge will BE MINE!

  • @donna  Feb 10

    I don't have a sweetheart, but probably I could fabricate one for the occasion. Or make it an anti-valentine lyric. πŸ˜‰

    Throw a heart my way, please. πŸ˜‰

  • @adnama17  Feb 10

    Apparently I bought a cheap box of hearts. Some of them where particularly hard to read, so I made my best guess. I sorted through them and took out the doubles so everyone would have a different one. Happy sappy writing!

    @powerstars: LOL
    @unpronounceable: Love Bug
    @woolford: QT Pie
    @zoom: Txt Me
    @wacha: Live n Love
    @skylermf: True Love
    @kathym: Dream Big
    @nuj4x: Wink Wink
    @cicpisces: Let’s Kiss
    @snoozin: Marry Me
    @valeriecox: Shine Brite
    @max: Be Happy
    @metalfoot: Sweet Pea
    @donna: Hug Me
    @adnama17: XOXO

  • @max  Feb 10

    Thanks! Working on it as we speak.
    @adnama17 How do you like us to tag our songs?

  • @adnama17  Feb 10

    Oh! I suppose that would be a helpful thing, eh? 😁

  • @zoom  Feb 12

    Wrote mine πŸ€“πŸ˜‚πŸ’”

  • @max  Feb 12

    Mine is ready too:

  • @cicpisces Feb 13

    Okay. Done in time for valentines.

  • @cluebird66 Feb 13

    Is it too late? Can I still get a draw?

  • @mom23gals  Feb 13

    Just found this thread! Does anyone want to put some music to a song I wrote about candy hearts?

  • @valeriecox  Feb 13

    @cluebird66 I won't be able to get to mine, so you can have Shine Brite if you'd like.

  • @owl  Feb 13

    can I have one too, @adnama17?

    ALSO I would like to suggest that everyone consider the following options created by a neural network trained on conversation hearts:


  • @snoozin  Feb 13

    @owl haven't been able to get to mine. You can have it if you want ...MARRY ME. πŸ˜€

  • @nuj4x Feb 14

    I’ve just logged mine in lol

  • @darcistrutt  Feb 14

    I still have a day! Pull one for me! Love ya @adnama17 !

  • @kathym  Feb 14

    @adnama17 thanks for the heart. I will write something for it before the fawm is over.

  • @adnama17  Feb 14

    Hey! Sorry I've been a slacker. Crazy day yesterday and had to record tonight before the regular people went to sleep. What is sleep again???

    Here's the updates:
    @owl : Marry Me
    @cluebird66 : Shine Brite
    @darcistrutt : Sweet Talk

    Looking forward to everyone's songs! 😁

  • @adnama17  Feb 14

    Here's mine too! 😁

  • @wacha  Feb 14

    Here's mine πŸ˜€

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 14

    Dang! I just saw this. is it too late?

  • @adnama17  Feb 15

    I ate all the hearts! Wah!

  • @kathym  Feb 25

    Okay, so it's taken a bit of time to get to this, but I committed myself to taking the challenge. I'll be changing this one up later on, but here it is.

  • @kathym  Feb 25

    @squeakmouse73 someone MUST have some of them leftover from the after the holiday candy sales. Or maybe you can write about how there are no more hearts left in this world or nobody can give you their heart or something.

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