Spoken word help, no singing required

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  • @darkmantle  Feb 8

    Hi everyone!

    Inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album, having spoken words throughout it I wanted to do something similar.

    I am working on a concept album that is meant to bring attention to mental health issues. What I'm looking for is people to record short sound bites answering some questions in a form Google form (linked below) and uploading the recording to a Google drive folder I made.

    There are 15 questions, and I'm hoping for "sound byte" sized answers, or at least being able to grab a sound byte from a longer answer. Topics in the questions cover a range of things, feel free to skip any that you don't want to answer.

    This can be anonymous, or you can put your FAWM handle in the file name and I'll tag you if I use a clip!

    EDIT: Forgot the link! Here it is https://goo.gl/forms/pC9Xg7Y2DSiPWnlB2

    Upload tracks here (link is also in the form): https://goo.gl/eWhnia

    Thanks in advance to anyone that participates!

    EDIT 2:: Looking for lots of voices, and lots of clips for this to work the way I hope. I just realized that wasn't clear. 🙂

  • @brrrse  Feb 8

    will you accept m4a files? That's what my voice recorder on my phone makes.

  • @darkmantle  Feb 8

    @brrrse sure. Logic doesn't import it, but I can convert in iTunes. 😀

  • @brrrse  Feb 8

    Cool, I'll make a cellphone recording for you and send it later tonight if thats okay.

  • @darkmantle  Feb 8

    No Hurry, I'm hoping to get a bunch of different people and use a bunch of clips with different voices, saying different things to piece together. So I figure I'll wait a few days and go through what I have on Sunday towards the following weekend.

  • @steviez  Feb 8

    Sounds cool - I'll try to get something recorded in the next couple of days

  • @juliska Feb 11

    Sounds like a great idea. I've struggled w mental health issues for years. FAWM is great outlet for us. I'll take a look at the form.

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 11

    Do you want all the questions answered in separate clips? or just one recording answering all the questions? Does it matter?

  • @darkmantle  Feb 11

    One long clip is fine. I envision someone hitting record, reading the first question and then answering it. Then clicking next and read the next question.
    But if you prefer to make separate clips that can work too.

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 11

    okay cool. it's nearly 10 mins long though. lol. have fun with it 😁 uploading now...

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 11

    and for those of you who are reading this, considering whether or not to participate... I really enjoyed going through the questions and recording my answers... like an at-your-own-pace interview of sorts... but also like a walk down memory lane. pretty cool. don't be shy!

  • @darkmantle  Feb 11

    Thanks @visiblydistorted !!! I know I'll have a lot to go through! if I get a lot of uploads. 😀

  • @darkmantle  Feb 18

    @visiblydistorted Thank you again! You're still the only one to have uploaded, anything, but you gave me some gold. Especially one line that fits perfect with a song I wrote this FAWM and wanted to use on the final album I'm working on. 😀 Might have to recut the demo. 🤔

    Also, hearing some of those things, I just want to hug you right now!!! 🤗

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 18

    Awww, thanks so much -hugggs- I'm glad you found it useful. I hope you get some more bites (bytes?)

  • @edwardsmusic Feb 18

    Great idea!

  • @edwardsmusic Feb 18

    Yeah, I submitted my answers to the questions in a single recording (also contains me reading out the questions and some pausing).

  • @darkmantle  Feb 18

    thank you @edwardsmusic !!! I'll listen later, then I'm going to do some talking clips and get 3 voices over an instrumental track!

    I already found some of what the guitar will be. Need to work out the bass. Or maybe it's a synth. 🤔

  • @darkmantle  Feb 19

    The track is up! You can listen here.

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