DropBox Question

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  • @fendertele71  Feb 2018

    I posted the MP3 for my song on DropBox but it just posts a link to leave the site to go to DropBox instead of playing it on site. In previous 50/90 or FAWMs the stuff I posted to DropBox played right here on the site without having to leave. Am I doing something wrong or did things change?

  • @blueone  Feb 2018

    I think the way Dropbox handles direct links has changed recently - it goes to their own player now rather than the file direct.

    If you wanted a suggestion for a free alternative then I would recommend Soundcloud. FAWM handles their links just fine.

  • @plainwhitetoast  Feb 2018

    @fendertele71 Try this:
    Right-click file> copy Dropbox link.
    Replace "www.dropbox.com" with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com" and remove the "?dl=0" from the end.

  • @faceofeinstein  Feb 2018

    I used Dropbox until last year when it didn't seem to work and I switched to Soundcloud. I still save my work to dropbox for safe keeping and easy access though.

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