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  • @fourzeroes Feb 3

    This is a strange question possibly, and I'm interested in what you think rather than what's "correct"...

    When you're playing on a transposed instrument, such as a guitar with a capo, or a keyboard you've pressed that button on, do you tend to think in the key your hands are doing or the key that's sounding?

    I've just confused myself with this quite a lot - I wrote a song on guitar in F, with my capo on the 5th fret, so my chords are as if I'm playing in C. I then transferred to keyboard and set the transpose so I'm playing in C but it's sounding as F. You'd think that'd be logical, but on guitar my brain knows it's ~really~ F, whereas on the keyboard everything's still saying it's in C so I need to play the actual notes. Bleh

  • @klaus  Feb 3

    It is a strange question. To me keyboard is always in C no matter the transposition. With the guitar it's the open chord shapes that matter, even with capo.

    Irvin Berlin had a transposing piano made coz he played in key of F# only. Wonder what he would say?

  • @the3queens  Feb 6

    I think in the key I'm playing (piano)

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