FAWM Kickoff Bay Area

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  • @spirulence  Jan 2018

    Hi everybody!

    I'm attempting to put together kickoffs and weekly events for FAWMers in the Bay Area - I'm in SF myself but I can travel. Who else would be interested? Are there existing groups for this?

  • @elesimo  Jan 2018

    Hi there, @spirulence! I'm in Oakland, but I work in SF, so either place would be fine for me. Would be fun to meet up! 😀

  • @phylo  Jan 2018

    Really? Finally! I’m in wherever it ends up. I live in Castro Valley and work in Emeryville. I’m looking forward to meeting FAWMERS from my neck o’the Woods!

  • @paulhenry  Jan 2018

    Near Santa Rosa.

  • @spirulence  Jan 2018

    I didn't think this would get any traction! I'm throwing a kick-off party tomorrow at my apartment near Chinatown in SF - join me on Meetup if you like, I'm just in the process of putting together an event this weekend too.


  • @spirulence  Jan 2018

    Not tomorrow - Thursday. Doh!

  • @spirulence  Feb 2018

    @elesimo @paulhenry @phylo I've secured space for both this evening and all of Saturday afternoon - would love to have you join us!


  • @elesimo  Feb 2018

    @spirulence, thanks for organizing this! I won't be able to be there today, but I'll definitely be there Saturday!

  • @jodv  Feb 2018

    Sunnyvale here! Just saw this, so I guess I missed it.

  • @phylo  Feb 2018

    Oooh, sorry I missed it. Hope we'll do another one - I'll pay closer attention!

  • @littlespiral Feb 17

    I'd also like to meet up sometime! Maybe a victory celebration where we can play our favorite songs to each other?

  • @jodv  Feb 17

    @littlespiral that's a neat idea

  • @elesimo  Feb 17

    @littlespiral I like that!

  • @littlespiral Feb 18

    FYI, thought I'd extend the invite, but I'm playing a show next Saturday the 24th at The Lost Church in the Mission District and I'll be talking a little about FAWM and maaaaaaybe even playing something I just wrote. I'm hoping to drag @eu4icmusic there and would love to see fellow FAWMers there too! https://www.facebook.com/events/81429...

  • @elesimo  5 weeks

    Hey, folks!

    Not sure who will see this, but I'm thinking about renting a nice house for the first weekend of February 2019 (Feb 1-3 is Fri-Sun) here in the Bay Area, with lots of rooms and a piano. We could then hangout, do a BBQ and have fun making songs together!

    What do you think?

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