Ohio, the land of corn and corn

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  • @tawny249 Jan 2018

    Hey everyone! I am back in Ohio this year, and was wondering who else is from the general area. Shoutout! 😁

  • @auditasum Jan 2018

    Don't forget Grandpa's Cheese Barn.

    I'm back as well.

  • @steviez  Jan 2018

    Wasn't "back in Ohio" a Pretender's lyric? 😀

  • @chipwithrow  Jan 2018

    Ohio State and Univ of Cincinnati grad here, transplanted to southwest Florida. Family still in Cincinnati and suburbs, Cleveland, Columbus, Xenia. I'm making my every-other-year trip back this summer.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2018

    I'm here...Lorain up on the lake. Brrr. Best wishes to you guys.

  • @barbara  Jan 2018

    Have spent many holiday vacations over the last 25 years in the Painesville/Mentor area with my partner's extended family. Also done some country porch-sitting and cowgazing down in Summerfield/Caldwell. That's now turned into Frackville. Totally different. I have immense respect for the attention to natural parks up there (from what I know of in Lake and Geauga counties, at least). Also, snow makes everything so beautiful! I'm always pretty dumbstruck by the beauty. (I'm from Georgia.)

  • @yam655 Jan 2018

    I'm in Indiana, but I grew up in the greater Cincinnati area. If Ohio FAWMers ever get together, I'm close enough that I could potentially join in.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2018

    That would be cool! I know the Michigan fawmers get together and many others, but have not heard of Ohioans doing so. But, I would be interested, for sure. I already had posted on the Michigan fawmers thread expressing my interest in joining in with them, but that is because no one in Ohio does a FAWM over thing. I would do it!

  • @tawny249 Jan 2018

    I would totally meet up with people if possible. I'm in central Ohio, for what it's worth. 😀

  • @zecoop  Jan 2018

    Corn, corn, corn...
    Oh come now... If someone only drives the northern part they might think that... But down south you have Hocking Hills and unbelievable beauty!
    Ohio - State of my birth. ❤️

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 2018

    Mansfield here. BGSU music grad many moons ago. Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Canton are all doable for a meet up with me. I travel frequently for work, but am usually home weekends. Good luck and O-H! Forward Falcons!

  • @halfwalk Jan 2018

    Columbus native here. We replaced all the corn fields with strip malls and condos.

    Come jam at my place, I've got drums and stuff!

  • @tawny249 Jan 2018

    Hi @halfwalk ! I'm actually in Columbus also, just didn't specify. Spiffy!

  • @toms  Jan 2018

    @guatecoop - wait - what are you saying?! You'd abandon us so easily? 😀

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2018

    Haha...@toms I will join you both! I don't think we've ever had an Ohio FAWM over gathering, so I'd be in.

  • @toms  Jan 2018

    Well...OK then...I was heading for Toledo...Phillips Corners and all! Crisis averted!

  • @sjbatavia  Feb 2018

    Cincinnati area here. I'm an acoustic player - guitar, mandolin and ukulele. I also play some badass washboard. 😀 Give me a shout if you're close by. Would really like to find a writing partner!

  • @musicbyzac Feb 2018

    Buckeyeland here as well.

  • @andread Feb 2018

    Another Cincinnatian, I moved down here about 25 years ago from Lansing Michigan. I would totally be up for a get together of FAWMers but I'm not sure if our house would be big enough. I always write more lyrics then I can put to music, so if you're looking for a writing partnerr, let's see what's possible.

  • @cleanshoes Feb 2018

    Geauga county native, now in central Ohio! Awesome to meet some other Ohioans!

  • @bodhisvaha Feb 2018

    Moved to Cincinnati a year ago, originally from Indiana. My whole life is corn. I do piano and voice.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2018

    I'm up on the lake....lots of you guys in Columbus and Cincinnati! Maybe a central location for a FAWM over gathering...

  • @lute4life Feb 28

    Sorry, I didn't see this thread until today -- I'm in Columbus, too. I'd love to meet other Buckeye FAWMers!

  • @andread Mar 8

    I am planning to host a music party for musician friends, FAWMers and filk friends in/near Cincinnati. Who would consider attending? It would be a Saturday and we'd start a late afternoon and go into the evening. We have *some* overnight indoor space and maybe..if you're up for it, you could also sleep in a huge tent in the backyard (with your instruments inside, of course.).

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 8

    @andread - I would love to attend such a party ... but I'm in Fort Myers, Florida! (Grew up north of Cincinnati in West Chester, grad school at UC, lived in Springdale before moving here.) Make it in mid-June and I might be there - that's when I'm planning my every-other-year visit.

  • @rainchaser  Mar 9

    Makes me hungry for pop corn or corn pops? 😀 On a serious note, one of my co-workers is from Ohio. She's one of my favorite co-workers to work with!

  • @yam655 Mar 9

    @chipwithrow I also grew up in West Chester.

    @andread I would be interested. I do improvised acapella, so I keep my instrument close to me. 😉 I'd be totally down to sleep in a tent after a late night of music fun. As mentioned, I'm in Indiana, but I have family in the Cincinnati area and visit the area regularly.

  • @andread Mar 9

    @yam655 and @chipwithrow and other nearby FAWMers I am hosting a music party on March 17th and will host another in the latter half of June. If you are interested in either of these or long-term (I'll be hosting music parties a couple of times a year) ether send me an email (Zencuppa@gmail.com) or connect to me on Facebook (I have created a private event...) https://www.facebook.com/andrea.dale1 .

  • @yam655 Mar 10

    @andread Friend request sent! I'm currently thinking of March, but I've got to talk to my ex about where the children will be.

  • @yam655 Mar 14

    @bodhisvaha and @sjbatavia did you see the post from @andread about the music party in the Cinci area?

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