Any EDM producers here? What are you hoping to get out of FAWM?

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  • @theno 1 week

    It looks like most of the people here are guitar/piano+vocals kind of artists. Is anyone here producing EDM? What's motivating you to do FAWM?

  • @mychaleg 1 week

    Trying to come up with lyrics and strengthen arrangement skills. Also helps with curbing distractions and jumpstarting the habit of spending time making music daily

  • @bri4n 1 week

    I want to START producing EDM. FAWM is my forcing function 😉 Been on my to do list for several years now, 2018 is the time, dadgummit.

  • @cblack 6 days

    Yes! I'm hoping to release my debut EDM EP sometime this month, ahead of FAWM. I'm also one of those guitar/piano guys (but not really with the vocals...), but my main goal this FAWM is to build on the first EP and release a full-length album. Anything with guitar/keys/whatever will be secondary to that goal.

    And why am I doing FAWM? Because it's awesome! 😁

  • @meltedshine 5 days

    I do edm...this is my first fame and I'm just using it for extra motivation...ove been working on a body of work but I get hung up on perfection so I want to shed all that for a month and just write produce and finish having more fun and less stress...looking forward to this!

  • @ooda 5 days

    I am a "former" guitar songwriter. I say former because I always enjoyed making electronic music and I got tired of playing the same things over and over again on the guitar. I still have good tunes, but it grow heavy on me to have to do everything at once.

    That's why I switched to an electribe sampler.

    I have decent arrangement skills, quite good lyrics writing and some musical theory knowledge. Or at least clues on where to find information.

    So, I subscribed to this endeavor to spice up my music skills and make new friends on the way. I am mostly a lone wolf.

  • @aeye 2 days

    We are! In the last few years we've done this we sort of try and keep it stylistically interesting. It's always a mix of all sorts of different EDM styles from what turns out. We like to do this because it's fun and sometimes in a shortened time frame we'll come up with ideas that we wouldn't have normally. Plus it's almost a full month to just sit down and focus on music. Also you can meet some cool people doing this.

    where does everyone post their stuff when you aren't doing FAWM?

  • @cblack 2 days

    Post my stuff? Nowhere yet, though I'm thinking YouTube and *possibly* SoundCloud. But probably just YouTube.

  • @ooda 2 days

    Soundcloud is more handy than youtube imhp. Youtube is cool, but honestly, not being able to listen to it while the app is closes is a dealbreaker for me.

    Unless you got a cool video to go with.

    So, first SC, then youtube if necessary. And once you got enough to make an EP, go for bandcamp

  • @cblack 2 days

    @ooda Thanks for the tips! I'm considering YouTube primarily because Promolta is geared towards advertising videos, and I've heard some very good things about Promolta. Like, they have thousands of potential places to advertise, and all I need to do is set a dollar amount for the advertising campaign. For this newbie, that sounds awesome. 😀

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  2 days

    I doodle in EDM this past year when my studio got shut down for construction and I was in a much much smaller space. So, I for sure will be trying SOME this FAWM.

    Side chain, yo!

  • @mdavisto  1 day

    I'm gonna do at least one Hardbass track. I feel called.

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