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  • @gabbyb00 Jan 6

    Anyone have any tips for mixing & mastering on Garageband or anything in general that will make songs actually sound professional and cool?

  • @js6  Jan 6

    Welcome to FAWM @gabbyb00. While your question is good, I suggest you post it again after the site reset, which takes place this weekend.

  • @brownium Jan 18

    @gabbyb00 - I'm sure you'll get lots of help on GB recording as things pick up.
    Here's a tutorial on a simple way to create nice sounding drum tracks with GB:

  • @stuartbenbow  Jan 18

    I’ve used it for challenge demos, but haven’t cared for how mic’d acoustic or vocals turn out. That said, I’ve got a friend who did his whole FAWM album on iPad garage band and it turned out fantastic, so there’s some magic voodoo that some folks can manage to make it pop.

  • @steviez  Jan 18

    There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube, and one channel in particular I like is called Garageband and beyond.

  • @quork  Jan 18

    I record to my iPad with Auria Pro, which is not cheap, but works well for me and has decent plugins.

  • @pugetive  Jan 18

    I'll second the recommendation for GarageBand and Beyond, that guy's great and he does cover many aspects of mixing and mastering (as well as tracking, of course). I'm switching from GB to Logic this year as an experiment (and finding some productivity-enhancing tools that I didn't know I was missing) but that's after 12 years-ish in GB, so I might be able to help with specific Q's as you have them. Good luck!

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 8

    GarageBand is a nice introduction to more feature rich tools like Logic Pro thing I have been exploring this year is using GarageBand on my phone whilst mobile (read that as commuting on public transport) and then using GarageBand/Logic to edit further when back on my Mac...
    As stated above, there are great youtube tutorials around when you get stuck...Good luck.

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