PSA: Archive your 2017 activity!

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  • @burrsettles  Jan 2018

    We'll be taking FAWM.ORG offline this weekend (Jan 6-7) to prep for the 2018 season!

    Gentle reminder to archive your 2017 activity by logging in and selecting "Archive" from the dropdown menu in the upper-right to save for your records.

  • @sw1n3flu  Jan 2018

    Interestingly I did it this morning... never archived before, made for some amusing/interesting reading!!

  • @quork  Jan 2018

    Many thanks for the reminder. Done.

  • @gromwaf Jan 2018

    Ah yes... I almost forgot this...! Thanks...!

  • @kathym  Jan 2018

    I was thinking about it a few times this week and finally managed to sneak in and get it done. I'm thankful to do it, too, because there were a few new comments on my songs that were posted.
    I try to save a file of my stuff a few times during fawm, but it's nice to get that one, final, complete file.

  • @janeg  Jan 2018

    Thank you! I had never noticed that option. Great to have a complete record.

  • @ajna1960  Jan 2018


  • @karan  Jan 2018

    Phew! I forgot - but luckily I came here today and noticed that all the old stuff is still here. Archived! 😀
    When will the slate be wiped clean and the forum be re-opened again? Do you already know, @burrsettles ?

  • @wacha  Jan 2018

    thanks for the reminder!

  • @burrsettles  Jan 2018

    @karan I'll be resetting the site this weekend (Sat 1/13). Any profile changes and forum discussions that have already taken place in 2018 will remain intact.

  • @karan  Jan 2018

    @burrsettles ,that's brilliant! Thanks for all your good work! 😀

  • @cairobraga Jan 2018

    thanks for the reminder! all archived

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