Any Bob Dylan fans?

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  • @kevinemmrich  Jan 2018

    Here is an interesting concert that I have never seen before. First I'll post girl from north country because this video seems slightly better in quality: (but maybe not).

    .. and here is the full set:

    I never was a huge bob Dylan fan (maybe a bit before my time), but when he was younger he could sing and perform his stuff pretty well. ... and the writing is timeless!

  • @sw1n3flu  Jan 2018

    Great video, only had time to watch ~25 mins so far!

  • @barrygoldman  Jan 2018

    Young Bobby was great indeed, I love that video of Girl From The North Country. He was born right across the border and down the highway for a few hours from where I'm from, so this song sounds just like home in the way that Joni Mitchell does also. and the video gives it perfect feel as well, like he's playing in some random Northwestern Ontario cabin. Love it.

  • @chrishope  Jan 2018

    always... to ramona on loop got me thru summat heavy

  • @quork  Jan 2018

    "Don't Look Back", a documentary by Martin Scorcese, gives a great overview of Bob Dylan's life and career, and what was going on in the US (Civil Rights, Vietnam, the folk and hippy movements) when he burst onto the scene. I'm not a big fan of his recent forays into the great American songbook, but the man has decades of amazing songs.

    Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 2018

    big bob dylan fan here, which is no surprise to most.. the early stuff is great, love the recent stuff (including the 'great american songbook' material, check out the albums 'triplicate' and 'shadows in the night', tho admittedly they're not for everyone) and lots of stuff in between, tho yes, he's had his ups and downs like many- been doing it for 55 years tho, which is amazing. seen him many times, most recently last November..

  • @spinhead  Jan 2018

    I'm with @mikeskliar but I take a bit further, maybe: I'll take his marbles-in-a-blender singing on Modern Times, Love and Theft, Time Out of Mind over his smoother early stuff. Can't possibly discount the early days, but that growl on Cold Irons Bound and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Tum is what gets me most.

  • @chipwithrow  Jan 2018

    I watched a couple of the songs on the video linked above - I think I'll settle in with a glass of wine and watch the rest tonight. I love the activity going on around him.
    I started to write something about his voice, and then I saw that @spinhead had already touched upon that. Dylan was, and still is, a master vocalist/performer/interpreter of lyrics.
    I love the sweetness in his voice on the video, and on albums like Nashville Skyline and Blood on the Tracks. Time Out of Mind is a go-to when I'm driving, and it's one of my favorite vocal performances of his because of the way he delivers the words.
    I am an intense Dylan fan, of all phases of his career, including now. Other favorite albums are Slow Train Coming and Oh Mercy. In another thread I just mentioned how Hank Williams and Van Morrison are major influences of mine - Dylan is above those guys for me (and I think Dylan was influenced a lot by Hank, too.)

  • @kevinemmrich  Jan 2018

    I can't out why they have that cabin front door open -- can't a grizzly bear just waltz right in (or maybe saunter in during a song in 4/4 time)

  • @chrishope  Jan 2018

    @kevinemmrich thanks for postin.. wonderful

  • @andygetch  Jan 2018

    Sorta. I have most of the albums, a hits chord book and a most everything through late 2000's melody/lyrics/guitar chords, I play a few of his songs out and this reminds me I need to add 'Like A Rolling Stone', 'Every Grain of Sand', and 'Maggies Farm' to the fave oldies (that I perform) thread. Have a few DVD's (some are garage sale find boots), read Chronicles Vol. 1, and saw him live in 2005ish giggling at all the peeps who were expecting a greatest-hits-just-like-the-recordings performance.

  • @slu22 Jan 2018

    Dylan's lyrics are some of the best. Loving "New Morning" lately!! Thanks for sharing these videos.

  • @ajna1960  Jan 2018

    He is a massive influence of mine.

  • @ustaknow Jan 2018

    Hey @kevinemmrich

    What I got out of your post (and thanks for that), --was the next video in the feed, for me:

    I think "our stuff" (mine anyway) could be allot more interesting, so to speak, if another SS was there exchanging verses.

    One would think it could be so easy to do, but, I guess it is not easy to performance-partner up. I know that I, or anyone here could sit with those two and take a verse in turn, or join chorus. It would be a great "open mic" (not talking "Record-record").

    Like simon and garfunkel, -- I wonder what may have occured if, e.g. these two partnered for a while as duo.

    I read liner notes for who's the "work for hire" guitarist, etc. and am amazed at "who was in the next room" and pulled in to "do" guitar (or some Track, overdub)... -- the connections and apparent "get along" isms if one reads into that are very interesting to me.

    -- We could/should consider that example as mentorship today, possibly. It is a small world at the top or bottom.

  • @izaakalexander Jan 2018

    I had a great jam session with a guitarist here in Catalunya who has an entire set of Dylan songs translated into Catalan. We traded verses in our native languages and it was epic. Folk music can be powerfully universal. I'll watch the vid soon.

  • @stacyswinford2015 Jan 2018

    Huge Bob Dylan fan here and @izaakalexander that is super cool!!!

  • @vegansongs  Jan 2018

    Love Bob and today I carried the swag bag I got from his last series of shows here wondering if my new employer or fellow employess would remark..Nope. Job is in a spa so we listen to a lot of harp and flute.

  • @rickamorphis  Feb 2018

    Wow that was outstanding! Never saw it before. Thanks.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 2018

    Thank you and yes huge fan

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