A place to keep your song notes

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  • @scottlake 2 weeks

    My friend Doug makes really cool notebooks with LP jackets as the covers. Several songwriterly types of pages are available. Last couple of FAWMs I have used mine to develop my lyrics and song structures. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LykaStore

  • @jenniferjerboa 1 week

    Cool idea!

  • @andygetch  1 week

    A phone, for quick notes
    Typically use a small journal/writing pad and take with me through the month.
    (Sidenote, this thread would fit better in "Other Helpful Orgs and Sites" @ericdistad @jendistad)

  • @tcelliott  1 week

    Some of those notebooks look great.

  • @brrrse  1 week

    Oh, I want the Herb Alpert one..... Those are beautiful.

  • @aflinner 4 days

    I prefer to write all my songs in one moleskine-esque hardback notebook (I use Piccadilly's, get 'em at Staples). When one fills up, I'll start a new one. There's a lot of empty space, but it also makes it easy to go back and finish one that I forgot I ever even started. I used to keep scraps of paper, piles of it, very counter-productive. I've been much better off keeping it all together.

  • @aflinner 4 days

    A sweet LP styled one would be super cool though!

  • @andygetch  4 days

    thanks mods!

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